Monday, November 30, 2015

Smart Play By Campbell Firing Lazor

Miami Dolphins Head Coach Dan Campbell had no choice but to fire his Offensive Coordinator Bill Lazor.

He already put our Defensive Coordinator on the chopping block as soon as he was hired as our Interim Head Coach.

That was a no brainer.  It had to be done and immediately.

Now after 7 games in the position and his 3-4 record, Campbell feels he is coming into his own as a head coach and wants to stay there.

But he won't be able to remove that "Interim" label unless he truly starts to right this ship and get it pointed in the right direction.

He doesn't have any luxury of next year to work out any details with the roster and pick his guys.

I wouldn't doubt he already had some heated discussions with Lazor about running the ball more than 12 times a game in the past few weeks.

Granted sometimes the score will dictate whether you can actually get some balance in the play calling but we weren't blown out until later in the 3rd Quarter yesterday.  Until then, we could have still ran the ball.

The Jets Defensive Tackles are stout so when he did run the ball, Lazor continued to beat our Running Backs against the Jets' proverbial interior wall.

Why we didn't run sweeps is beyond me.

I have to wonder if Lazor wanted to get axed right away.  I wouldn't be surprised to hear he is interviewing for some recently made available College Head Coaching positions.

You got to figure that he knew where Campbell stood on being more physical and running the ball.

Hell, I could see Campbell fuming on the sidelines while Lazor was calling the plays. 

Could Lazor have pushed Campbell to the brink, purposely???

No matter what, it became off with Lazor's head.

And it was truly a self defensive action as far as Campbell was concerned because it was either going to be Lazor's head now or Campbell's head later on the chopping block come January 4th.

And Dan Campbell wants this job so much that he will turn over the entire coaching staff to keep it.

I don't blame him at all.

Phins Up!!!

Carl Leone
Dolfan since 12/25/1971

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Campbell waited too long.


Campbell means well and has the right mind set...but we need a experienced head coach and staff to run this bunch of uninspired ,excuse making losers we have right now...


I understand Dan. Not sure who will come in.
Sean Payton would be a great hire but will he actually leave NO? Will they let him walk?

Will he want to come and compete with the Patriots for the division? That in itself may be the biggest detriment to getting a proven winner when there will be other opportunities in other divisions.


This is going to sound crazy, but Texas has ruined the dolphins. First of all, no dolphin fan should like the cowboys. Campbell and tannehill? Freakin cowboys from Texas a/m? Get outta here! 2. Jimmy Johnson started the dolphins downfall back in 1997, after winning superbowls in Dallas. How bout them cowboys!!! Wtf? That's when they started screwing up the logo! Get them out!! No one with ties to Texas should be involved with dolphins organization. And change the logo back to pre jimmy Johnson if you ever wanna win again, Miami....


Doesn't sound crazy at all. Our downfall started when Joe Robby's name was removed from the stadium.

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