Friday, November 20, 2015

Rays take (Benny Hill edition)

I was reading through the comments on my last post (about Pouncey by the way!) and Tanehills name was thrown about.

So naturally I had to jump on that. I found it interesting that the comments included 'give him more time'. Yeah he started 19 or so games in college. That's the equivalent of almost two years. Now he's been in the NFL for almost 4. How much more time does he need? 10 years? 20?

I watched Mariota last night lead a drive with little time left; he got to the 20 with six seconds left. Yes he was sacked. And yes he lost. But this is his 10th start - and he gave his team a fighting chance. When has Benny Hill ever done that? Here's a hint: he never has.

Another comment was his gaudy stats. Oooooh. 4,000 yards. He throws behind the line and a few yards upfield. Nearly all of his stats come from YAC. It's all on the receivers.

Add to it the simple fact that the plays are called for him and he can't control anything - no audibles no nothing - and you have a situation where any of us could play QB.

They've dumbed it down and the stats are a result of the other players and the play calls. Not about the person throwing.

Okay, then you've got he's average AND he's the best we've had since Marino.

The best since Marino? 15 years, and 93 players? I doubt that. Heck. I didn't like Fiedler either, but I'd say he was MUCH better than the current guy. At least he took the team on his back and won some games.

And if he is...well saying he's average and that he's the best we've had means the team has been "doing it wrong" for a decade and a half. Keep doing it until you get it right!!!

See my previous post about not settling. We're settling for average and hoping/wishing this guy gets better.

And meanwhile the team never improves and we just take it.

It's really sad.
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I'm all for getting a new QB to go along with a new offense. But, the idiots in charge gave RT a big contract without him even earning it. I believe they're stuck with him through next season, so might as well give him a shot in a new offense behind a (hopefully) better o-line. However, I'd still look for a replacement this off-season and get rid of Matt Moore.