Sunday, November 29, 2015

Ray's QB list

Armando said he didn't see a lot of QBs as long term options better than Benny Hill.

Allow me to provide my TOP 20 QBs I'd rather have starting here long term:
20. Me
19. Marino (even in his 50s out of shape he'd be a better option)
18. Garoppolo
17. either McCown
16. Blaine Gabbert
15. Cousins
14. Hoyer
13.Any of the Zendejas brothers (kickers in the 90s)
12. RG III
11. Kapernick
10. Osweiler
9. Bortles
8. Newton
7. Tyrod Taylor
6. Carr
5 Russell Wilson
4 Luck
3 Bridgewater
2 Winslow
1 Mariota

There.  That wasn't hard.  Sheesh.  The Dolphins management just thinks to narrow on it all.
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Got to hand it to you Ray, you have a strong opinion, and you stand behind it.


You forgot Jim "Crash" Jensen.

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lol this is pretty brilliant. All kidding aside, give me any other QB besides this guy. Still looking for Consistency he says, he says the same crap after every game. Blow it all up. No choice. We need another qb.