Monday, November 30, 2015

More on (or is it moron) Benny Hill

I can't understand why people defend this turd bucket of a QB. He's mediocre at best, and people who think he deserves more of a shot and instead place blame elsewhere are homers, and would be defending Manziel if he were here. 

You can say it's coaching. And that may be a contributing factor. You can blame it on a dumbed down playbook, and certainly that's part of it.  But take a step back for a minute. Think about the position. Every great (or wanna be great) QB takes control on the field. They own it, and they don't take shnizzle from the coach. THEY lead the team. 

In Miami, we hear that the coaches have told him to only do certain things, to not audible, to not question things.  What great QB would ever accept that?  What 8-15 QB would do that? Can you imagine a Marino, a Brady, a Manning just saying Okay?  You could imagine them having a passionate discussion or facing some wrath because they didn't listen. Here, Tannehill just goes along with it.

Where is his moxie?  His pride?  His leadership? Will to win? Is it because he really can't handle the Offense? Or perhaps he just doesn't have any awareness on the field?  Is he afraid of the coaches?  IMHO there are no other options, and in every scenario you can see why he's not a leader. Why he shouldn't be starting in the NFL. 

I posted yesterday near halftime they should bench him.  And then he gets some gaudy stats in garbage time.  Every "meaningful" stat he had yesterday is a lie, just like it is every week.  He still has not a signature win, not a 4th quarter comeback. Nothing but meaningless numbers. 

And then last night we heard Osweiller won the game because he called an audible. He saw something in the defense and made a change. And they won in OT. And Tannehill can't even call timeout when things are wrong. 

And of course, there he was after the game complaining about the jets celebrating Matthews getting hurt. Look, I don't know if they were celebrating or not.  What I do know is that's when you run over to your teammate and get in the defenses face.  Instead of saying something at a press conference. 

But I especially love the comeback from Pryor. Tweeted it right to him.  That's being assertive and showing some passion...

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Tannehill is garbage, he's not it, he's never had it, never will. I do not understand for the life of me how people can defend his play like he is some diamond in the rough. What has he done ? give me one game he has taken this team on his back and won in the past 3 years. What everyone see's is his stats, which most of the time come from garbage time, and mediocre play calls where he can toss a ball 10 yards and have playmakers take care of the rest. He's not good. Bottom line. Move on.


I defend him quite a bit but never say he's great. My point is ALWAYS I see every loss pinned on him. Why do I never see our dbs get called out for always allowing opposing qbs over 100 rating? Why do I never see anyone post about the 31 ranked run defense or our guards or Jason fox? He's always the scapegoat and rarely is a loss all on him


1 star I will give you is only Big Ben has more passes over 40 yards, his long ball improved drastically, and like I said I'm not saying he's great but what better option do you see? Please nobody say Moore who is the reason we drafted tannehill