Monday, November 16, 2015

Luck Be A Lady And Don't She Look Good Now

And we all know how she changes her mind.

Yesterday's game at Philly showed me how much that fickle finger of fate can point one way and suddenly go another. 

And the Refs were involved in most of it too.

The craziest sequence was when Philly had the ball at their own 27, leading by 3 with 5:11 left in the third. Bradford gets sacked by Shelby at the 17 and fumbles.  Vernon appears to recover at the 12 and advances to the 7 were he fumbles the ball and its recovered by Bradford at their 3 yard line.

I thought "unbelievable, now they have the ball 1-10 at the 3 instead of our ball 1-G or even if we didn't recover they would be punting from somewhere".  But Lady Luck arrived in two forms.

Number One: The Refs had a penalty called for holding against the Eagles and while they were trying to figure out the proper penalty enforcement, Number Two: HC Campbell had plenty of time to look at all the replays on the TV screen to challenge whether Vernon actually possessed the ball or not.

The Refs agreed with Campbell that Vernon, over the course of 5 yards, did not in fact possess the ball so when Bradford fell on the ball at the 3 they were now facing a 4th and 27 if we declined the holding penalty.  Had the ruling been that Vernon had possessed the ball then Philly would have faced a 3-13 at their 17 instead.

Granted we wound up only punting the ball back later but Campbell made a good decision to challenge.

With 11:21 left in the game trailing 20-16, Sanchez throws a 22 Yard TD to Ertz to take the lead but once again the Refs get involved.  Off setting penalties. Illegal Shift against Philly and we had 12 guys on the field.  12 guys and they still got a guy wide open.

Replay the down.  Lady Luck carries a yellow flag.

Prior to the half ending, she bit us too.  With 17 seconds left, Hewitt picked off Bradford and was tackled on the Philly 37.  A good chance to get a FG and tie up the game 16-16.

Nope. Mosley is called for roughing the passer.

Lady Luck changes her mind too.  3 times Philly put the ball on the ground with a Dolphin having an opportunity to recover. Vernon almost did and we missed the other two chances. 

Bad Luck.

Then at the start of the 4th trailing 16-13, Miami has the ball 1-G at the Philly 8.  DE Cox jumps offsides so we halve the ball in to the 4.  Tannehill drops back and throws the ball directly into the shoulder of an unblocked Connor Darwin. 

As the ball ricochets way up into the air. I am thinking "Oh shit, INT!"

But Lady Luck smiles our way and a leaping Landry comes down with it for a TD.

Good Luck.

Our boy Sturgis, former Draft Pick and Place Kicker, had a say in how Lady Luck performed.  He missed a chip 32 yard FG in the first half.

Lady Luck even messed with both teams on the same play.

With 5:32 left in the 3rd, Philly had the ball 2-8 at their 35.  Bradford is sacked by McCain and fumbles the ball but Philly falls on it.  Another golden opportunity for Miami slips through our fingers.  Bad luck for us.

Eagle fans were happy with their good luck recovering the fumble until Bradford has trouble getting off the turf and has to leave the game.  Bad luck for them turns suddenly into good luck for us.

Enter Mark Sanchez.

Lady Luck also got involved in two very similar replay reviews of plays in two different games involving our current team and also the '72 Perfect Team.

The first which was good luck for us when Vernon was ruled to not have had possession of Bradford's fumble as mentioned earlier.

The second wound up being bad luck for the '72 Team.  Trailing the Patriots by 1 with 2:06 left, Odell Beckham Jr. appeared to catch a TD pass from Eli Manning but the Butler did it again and just as Beckham's second foot hit the turf, he slapped the ball loose. 

After reviewing this play, the Refs ruled that Beckham Jr. did not possess the ball for the TD and the Giants had to settle for a FG instead.

Tough luck for us trying to get a 1 in the Patriots loss column.

On a side note, the Eagles scored their 16 points in the first half in a span of only 4:03 of game clock.

With their first 9 points coming in a span of only 10 seconds.

Some say better to be lucky than good. 

But after the way luck switched sides yesterday, the saying should actually be:

"He who lucks last, lucks best".

Phins Up!!!

Carl Leone
Dolfan since 12/25/1971
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Lady Luck's first name was Suh! :)


LOL canamdolphin

Anonymous DeleteReply

Does anyone really feel good about that win? I know a W is a W, but the Eagles are not a good team, and that go ahead TD was the real luck in all this.

The only thing different this week from the previous is that there is a W on the board and everyone is talking about how great Suh is. But Suh has played great the past 3 weeks, the rest of the team never showed up..... It goes to show you, only the W counts, the rest of the analysis is nonsense.


Read my other post today. Everybody is 4-5 and not very good but someone could get hot and do some damage in the playoffs.

I would hope it is us.


Yes it was all luck I'm still trying to understand why T-Hill threw that ball directly at defender he already had his hands up in the air what did he think the pass was gonna go through him??? Thank god for Jarvis having that never quit attitude. Also I've read a couple articles saying Rishard Matthews is not a #1 reciever but I'm willing to say he is he has made great catches and not dropped many balls Rishard has great hands and I would pick him to play on my team over many other recievers in this league I say he is a #1 keep on balling Rishard


I like Matthews as well, frilley67.

He started coming into his own the last 4 games of 2014. When we traded for Stills and drafted Parker I thought his days were numbered but he came into and out of camp deserving to play.

He has made some very good catches but more importantly he gets open and makes the routine catches so Tannehill has plenty of confidence in him.

I cannot remember Matthews having a bad game.


I was at the game. When Williams fumbled the kickoff in the end zone and returned it to the 1, I knew there would be another safety. Sure enough, I just shook my head when I saw a rusher headed straight for Tannehill. Tannehill got plastered, and now Miami has given up a safety in 3 straight games.

3 for 3... that's pretty lucky, right?


Yes indeed stratrocker60. We tied another league record,

Gotta wonder why a guy with a bad hand is back there trying to catch a kick off. Plus Laundry screwed up and walked away from a fair catch at the 10 which allowed it to be downed at the 2.

We did block a punt though.


I could only see the last drive of the Phins game, so your game summary is helpful. I did see Ed Hochuli hand the game to the Cheatriots though.
Odell Beckham had the touchdown two hands on the ball (in control) two feet in bounds TD, what happens after that doesn't matter he had the touchdown. I don't see how it was any different than a receiver dragging his toes as the ball is caught out of bounds. It would be like the running back extending the ball past the line and dropping it. The excuse they used was that he hadn't become a runner. Why the heck would he run anywhere he's in the endzone it's a freaking touchdown.


Mattbatt, I couldn't agree more. That "rule" used to overturn Beckham's TD is insane.