Sunday, November 15, 2015

He's spotting 2 points per game?!

Seriously? 3rd week in a row that BennyHill gives up a safety.

I don't care if it's the lines fault or the coaches fault. All 3 involved this clown at QB.

You simply don't hear about this with any team or QB.

It has to be him.

Please, please, please bench him now!!!
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Agree.. But ain't gonna happen.. He is golden boy


It is Benny Hill to the "T" to have a chance late in 2nd quarter to go 3 n out they showed absolutely no effort Lazor play calling just sucks had a chance to jump ahead or at least tie and they just didn't try it makes me sick to my stomach ruins my Sunday and possibly a couple days this week. FUCK THIS TEAM!!!!!!


Look at them here we go again another chance to tie or take the lead and just flop Tannehill IS NOT THE ANSWER he has had 4 years christ give me 4 years and I could probably play the position he's awful way to inconsistent and being at the spot there in this late in 2nd quarter and they still can't take advantage of it they aren't even a mediocre team they are just awful no depth. Dan Campbell can only work with what he's got I believe he could be a head coach but needs 0 line needs a qb needs lineackers needs corner backs needs pass rush I don't care how good you r Billicheat couldn't win with that team and it all thanks to mr. Philbin we had talent in all those positions but Philbin let m go cuz they weren't panzies like he wanted and for that we can 5hank mr. Ross for keeping the jerk off around it is so fucking aggrivating got my whole life invested in this team and they are just a train wreck. Thanks Steve Ross and Joe Philbin you two goofy bastards were made for each other!


I was just remembering an amusing quote involving Don Shula. He was adept at coaching everyone up. And one time after a loss, Bum Phillips, coach of the Houston Oilers said "he can take his'un and beat your'en...and then he could take his'un and beat your'un"...

The same can't be said of any of any of the 20 or so coaches since.


Got that messed up: he can take his and beat yours then take yours and beat his.


Now we're blaming rt17 for snaps over his head? Pouncy took fault for that one and blind side sacks? Guess next week we can blame him for our run defense. Not a huge fan but blame him where a mistake is HIS fault!!!!! Not the play calling or fluke plays or blindside fumbles

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This is kind of ridiculous. This is the kind of criticism that make Tannihill critics look dumb.

That was a minimal protection passing play from the 1/2 yard line that took half a day to develop. Either play calling was horrible or the execution by the TE was horrible. Likely the TE, who just let the LB run right by him... Tannehill didn't even look at that TE which makes me think this is just another one of those "read option" plays where the TE is expected the read the blitzing LB and stay in to protect. If anything, this happened because the coaching staff won't allow Tannehill to audible, and instead lets all 11 players make their own decisions.

This offense is way to complex for this team. Week after week we see the team break down because all 11 players cannot read the same thing. Lazer need to take his gimmick offense to college where the simple defenses will make him look like a genius.


How about we blame special teams for three weeks in a row making him start on the 1 yard line. I agree this week his lack of pocket presence led to a safety but the other two weren't his fault. Besides who are you going to have play in place of him? Moore?