Monday, November 16, 2015

Evens Stevens Are Everywhere In The New NFL

They wanted parity in the NFL and it looks like they are getting it.

After 10 weeks almost half the teams, 15 out of 32, have either 4 or 5 losses.

And 8 of those 15 reside in the AFC.

So half the Conference is stuck in the middle battling for Wild Card Supremacy.

Pittsburgh is looking best at 6-4 having played their 10th game already..  Even with a banged up back up in Ben Roethlisberger, who didn't start due to his injured ankle, they blew out Cleveland 30-9.  I guess hobbling isn't what it used to be.

The Bills and Jets are next at 5-4 but the Bills currently hold the Tie Breaker by beating the Jets and they also are 3-1 in the division compared to the Jets 1-2 division record.

We, on the other hand, are sitting ugly at 0-4 in the division.

Our AFC competitors also with 5 losses include:

Indianapolis 4-5 with a 4-3 AFC record
Oakland 4-5 with a 4-3 AFC record
Kansas City 4-5 with a 3-2 AFC record
Houston 4-5 with a 3-3 AFC record

I mention their AFC records because other than Houston, whom we beat, the conference records will determine Tie Breakers since we won't have any head to head with Oakland and KC.

Unfortunately, we are the ugliest girl in the line to get into the dance with our formidable 2-5 AFC record.

So right now we need to run the table and get Buffalo to lose 2 games, the Jets to lose one other game as well as our game against them in 2 weeks, plus Oakland and KC have to lose one more game.

If we lose one more game, then Jacksonville with 6 losses comes into play and since they beat us, we would lose a Tie Breaker to them. Plus add another needed loss to all of the afore mentioned.

Keep in mind that those teams have to play each other along the route so someone will have to fall.

We do have one advantage over the other teams currently in the hunt.  Of our 7 remaining games, 5 will be played at home and only 2 games on the road.

Miami plays Dallas, at Jets, Baltimore, NYG, at San Diego, Colts, New England

Buffalo has 3 Home and 4 Away: at NE, at KC, Houston, at Phil, at Wash, Dallas, Jets

Jets have 3 Home and 4 Away: at Houston, Miami, at NYG, Titans, at Dallas, NE, at Buff

Colts have 3 Home and 4 Away: at Falcons, Bucs, at Pitt, at Jags, Houston, at Miami, Titans

Oakland has 3 Home and 4 Away: at Lions, at Titans, KC, at Denver, GB, San Diego, at KC

Kansas City has 4 Home and 3 Away: at SD, Buff, at Oak, SD, at Balt, Cleveland, Oakland

Houston has 4 Home and 3 Away: Jets, NO, at Buff, NE, at Colts, at Titans, Jags

Jags have 4 Home and 3 Away: Titans, SD, at Titans, Colts, Falcons, at NO, at Houston

Pittsburgh has 2 Home and 4 Away: at Seattle, Colts, at Cin, Denver, at Balt, at Cleveland

Keep in mind that either the Colts, Texans or Jags will win the AFC South.

Miami only plays the Jets and Colts in the hunt.
Buffalo plays 3 in the hunt.
Jets play 3 in the hunt.
Colts play 4 in the hunt.
Oakland plays 2 in the hunt.
Kansas City plays 3 in the hunt.
Houston plays 4 in the hunt.
Jags play 2 in the hunt.
Pitt plays only 1 in the hunt.

The Wild Card is wide open right now and the NFL and the majority of fans are loving it.

Your guess is as good as mine as to who will eventually get into the playoffs but don't count Miami out yet.

Phins Up!!!

Carl Leone
Dolfan since 12/25/1971
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Good analysis, Carl! The Dolphins need to win out, with help.


I am afraid you may be right canamdolphin. 11-5 is the bulls eye.

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Good article...however, it is the same parity merry go round each year. Many teams are in it till the last game, it is just the way it goes. With so many AFC teams with 5 losses, and only 3 with 4, it just may be that a 9-7 team makes it, just watch. Write it down. Will it be the Phins ? Possibly, if they at least take all the home games, that is 9 wins right there. To expect or dream about "running the table" is just crazy. We all know our team too well. Ain't happening. However, win the home games ? Possible. Colts are not what they used to be, Cowboys season is lost, Ravens are not the Ravens this year, Giants on a Monday night will be rocking with many NY'ers down here and will be a test, along with NE. Phins can beat Jints, just hope the Pats are not looking at that last game in Miami as a "need" to be undefeated...whoa, that would be troubling, because Phins will likely need that game. However, if Pats have long clinched home field, have already lost one, they may coast last game. They have many injuries and could play it safe at least for a half by resting starters.
Many 9-7 teams have historically made the playoffs, a few like Arizona and the Giants come to mind that even went to the Super Bowl. Keep the faith in the 'Soup'.
Campbell's that is.


Glad you joined the discussion Edwin.

9-7 may get in but a 9-7 Dolphin record probably won't. If we win all the home games and lose the 2 away games we will have 7 AFC losses and 5 Division losses. That won't bode well in Tie Breaker scenarios.