Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Don't settle!

I heard Omar on the radio earlier. I am not much of a fan and almost changed it.

Then he caught my attention. He said "as a fan don't settle for a QB. For a coach. For an owner"

He went on to remind us that our expectations should be high, rather than setting them so low.

Expect great things and hold these clowns accountable!!

Getting to 9-7 and squeaking into the playoffs? Nope. You've got to own it. Get in there and make it big!
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Omar likes to fan the flames all the time...he is intelligent, but also negative on the Phins
I love it when he is wrong, like last week, he said Philly would win. He does make good points, but is rarely positive on anything the Phins do even when it is all good.
I hope the Phins surprise everyone, shut up Omar and come out winning all the remaining home games, and go 9-7, possibly 10-6 by winning the 5 home games and beating the Jets or Chargers on the road. They can do it by running the ball and playing good defense, timely, not spectacular QBing from Tannehill, and not making dumb mistakes. Man, that Jacksonville game in the win column would surely look good right now, blown by dumb mistakes. Surely, Omar was laughing that Sunday...

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I think the only way to "not settle" for the owner is to come up with the billion or so dollars to purchase the team. Not sure many of Omar's fans can do that.