Friday, November 13, 2015

Coaching search

Based on some public reports and a few tips from people with at least a little access, here's where the spin of the coaching wheel seems to be...

As Campbell was promoted to head coach, the hope was that it would simply work out and there wouldn't be a need to hire anyone else.

But Mr. Ross gave a 4-6 week timeline to re-asses things. We're in that window now, and it's not going according to the plan. So he has started to consider next steps.

As I hear it, Stephen Ross wants to be a little hands off on the search and let his football "brain trust" do most of the leg work, and Ross will get involved as the interviewing gets started.

Assuming there's interviewing at all. You still can't rule out Dan Campbell. The easiest thing to do (from his perspective) is to simply keep him as the coach.

And that leads us to this: Ross is putting is trust in Tannenbaum to head this up. And he's looking to Hickey as well.

So that means it's unlikely either of them will be replaced.

And it further means that you've just reduced the candidate pool. Established and/or bigger name coaches would want their own people around them, and would want some level of autonomy and control.

And not just that. It also means that the "culture" is unlikely to change. You'll have the same drive to win you have today. Yippee. More years of 8-8 are in the Dolphins future!

Of course, that's getting ahead of ourselves. It'll be interesting to see what Ross actually chooses to do.

But bear in mind that his track record on his own isn't so great - and he would prefer to not have to go through a coaching search (and rather focus on his other businesses).

So deciding to rely on Tannenbaum is likely.

As for me, I'm still pulling for Rex Ryan's twin Rob to be the coach. There would be nothing more fun that that!
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David right on ...

The culture of this club has to change, and it will never change as long as Steve Ross owns the team. He like to have his fingers in the pie, and wants to replicate the 1990s NY Jets and all their "glory". So it is with Tannenbaum, Aponte, Matt Higgins et al. (What exactly does a "Special Advisor to the Owner" do anyway!!!)

My wish, no prayer (and Im an atheist!!), is that he seeks the advice of Robert Kraft, who confides in him that the way you create a winning organization is to poach from a winning organization, and that Ross does just that. Fires everyone, goes back to Nick Caserio and says, "My bad. Shoulda hired you in 2014. Here is $5 million and my number in New York, call me to accept the Lombardi trophy."

But alas, it will never be. So, Dolphins fans, get ready for the next coach of the Miami Dolphins ... Mike Shula!!!!!




It will not matter what changes are made or players added; if tannehill remains the QB. If Campbell benches tannehill this week, he will be the head coach for Miami. If he does not , he will not; it's just that simple. Tannehill is holding back our offense.
SHEER LOGIC: if you have changed coaches, OCs, DCs, star players, repeatedly and the results are the same; 7-9 / 8-8 every year for 4 years; and the only thing that has not changed is the QB; it should not take a rocket scientist to KNOW that the fly in the ointment is the QB!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bench tannehill NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I believe it's short sighted to always blame Tannehill. Is he a great QB? No he's not. he's a good QB who hasn't had a decent offensive line since he's he's been here. You can have the greatest receivers in the world however if you don't have time to throw it's a waste. The front office and the one's that preceded this regime have failed to put together even an acceptable O-Line. Tannehill isn't the problem folks.


Would prefer that Campbell lose the interim title and remain the head coach of the Dolphins. The Dolphins "need list" in the 2016 draft is extensive. While I happen to agree with the "draft a qb until you get it right" club, in reality, the Dolphins have so many positional needs that they won't have the luxury of grabbing a qb with their first pick. Matt Moore isn't the future and Logan Thomas is an unknown.

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@David Apollos You are an ignorant one note moron. No matter what the topic of discussion is you come fumbling in here going "dee ta dee it's all Tannehill's fault". Please never reply to this blog again with the words Tannehill, Matt Moore, or claiming that you are the ultimate QB coach.


half the fun of being a long-suffering fan is trying to dissect the source of the problem Of course it starts at the top. But you knew that. (Eyes roll).

I have no issues with differences of opinion but I do ask that we all remain respectful.

That said, Tannehill isn't all that, and while there may be more pressing needs I'd still start there.

I would rather see the other David at QB for the rest of the season. ;)


We still got 8 games to play men. I know its an uphill battle but it has been done in the past were a team gets on a roll and wins 7 of their last 8 and gets in to the playoffs.

Yes we have holes and do most teams. And even more teams will join the list with injuries. No one will get interviewed until January so lets see how this plays out.

One never knows.

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Ross is indeed an absentee owner. Ross doesn't care much for winning, just wants someone to manage his investment while he takes the helicopter between yachts. Problem for us fans - Tannebaum excels at being mediocre.

As long as this guy is owner we will have stupid football.