Sunday, November 08, 2015

Benny Hill

Ever since my buddy Frank referred to the Dolphins starting QB as "Benny Hill" I've had this song in my head - and keep picturing him running around being chased by defenders.

Ha.  Awesome.

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Ryan Tannehill isn't worth a fuck!!! This team will never compete with him under center period!!!



Maybe if he EVER played under center... Stupid offensive scheme. It's stupid in Philly. It's stupid in Miami. Stop trying to reinvent the sport. No one is going to gimmick their way to a SB. Ross needs to sell the team to someone who knows what he's doing and then that person needs to clean house and start over. I'll never give up on this team but right now they are an absolute joke and I have no more faith in this season with this dumb ass offense they are running. If playing out of the shotgun on 90% of your plays worked in the NFL someone would've already won a SB with it. It DOES. NOT. WORK. Stop it!


Hey Jeremy. Mind if I quote your comment in a new post?


Not at all David. Go right ahead. I have a feeling you agree with me.


You knew that I would. Lol. At the team. Laugh at them.