Sunday, November 29, 2015

Armando Salguero: Dolphins’ coaches, front office seem to have different views on Ryan Tannehill | Miami Herald

Houston, er, Miami we have a problem.

Looks like there's a good chance we're stuck with Benny hill for some time to come.

The guy is nowhere near 8-15 good. Maybe 28-32. Dude can't win a freakin game. Who cares about his stats?

And it's all fine and good that everyone wants to blame his line, the plays, or the coaching staff.

How about this: it's him.
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Tanne does not control all the missed blocks that get him is not him that gets flagged for holding or called for to many players in motion...Tanne is not the one missing tackles or not knowing when or when not to return a kick...Ryan Tannehill may not be the perfect QB, but the Miami Dolphins are a team with question all over their roster and when the finger is being should be at the team as a whole, not just the QB...just say-in


Why must RT be defended so vigorously? Why can't his play speak for itself?

The RT defenders are like Jets fans defending and hyping ButtFumble. At least ButtFumble did something between the lines and in post season to warrant such support. And Tannehill has done what to account for his support?


Here what is sooo frustrating...RT's numbers, just watch, will be close to 30 TD's and close to 4000 yards. On paper, looks like a great QB, right ?? Wrong !!! He stinks on 3rd down, he stinks in the red zone, he stinks in the way of "pocket presence", he stinks at staring down receivers, he stinks at coming from behind, he stinks in the 4th quarter, and guess what else ? He is all roses to mgmnt.

So, buckle down and get ready for another 7-9, 8-8 year next year as well. Not sure new coaches can change the guy. He has had two coordinators and will be going on 3 soon.


Lol. Your an idiot. He was progressing well then Lazor now only stopped that, he made him regress. There's no qb that would thrive with that o line and our play calling. Not to mention or d gave up 38 points. Pretty sure we better start there.