Sunday, November 08, 2015

After further review, the Dolphins are still mediocre.

As per the usual, I'm watching redzone. Enjoying my Sunday and not particularly worried about the Dolphins. 

Doesn't matter who the coach is these days, 7-9 is their perennial record. 

It starts with ownership, and goes through the "leadership" of the team, into coaching, and ends with the players. 

They're not gonna get any better anytime soon. They are the 21st century of the Cleveland Browns. 

And I think many of you are coming around to my way of thinking. 

In fact Jeremy just posted a comment under a previous post that's worth repeating. 

The comment was in regard to tannehills ability:

Maybe if he EVER played under center... Stupid offensive scheme. It's stupid in Philly. It's stupid in Miami. Stop trying to reinvent the sport. No one is going to gimmick their way to a SB. Ross needs to sell the team to someone who knows what he's doing and then that person needs to clean house and start over. I'll never give up on this team but right now they are an absolute joke and I have no more faith in this season with this dumb ass offense they are running. If playing out of the shotgun on 90% of your plays worked in the NFL someone would've already won a SB with it. It DOES. NOT. WORK. Stop it!

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Miami is definitely in the same conversation as Cleveland. No doubt about it.

Between fantasy football (Eddie Lacy in particular), the Dolphins, and the fact that I am working all weekend, I'm about to have a damn brain aneurism.


This team needed a new coaching staff, a new offense, and a new defense for this season. But, the owner was too stubborn/stupid to fire Philbin after last season and give a new staff time to install their offense and defense (preferably the complete opposite of what Philbin, Lazor, and Coyle were running). The decision to fire Philbin after the season started means that the remaining coaches are forced to use the same offense and defense that got Philbin and Coyle fired. Ross has continually made dumb decisions when it comes to Philbin; first by hiring him, and then by keeping him year after year even though everyone could see that Joe was a terrible HC with poor offensive and defensive plans.

Ross needs to either sell the team, or clean house (EVERYBODY GOES) and stop making football decisions.


I'm done just went to fire pit and burnt it all no more living 4 months of my life angry Tannehill is not an nfl quarterback christ he runs like a woman poor decision making their clock management before the half was atrocious I'm not living angry September through December when Ross sells the team I might reconsider but no more of this poor ass play. The refs didn't help them this game but they would of found a way to lose regardless gonna jump on Oakland bandwagon that way won't have people giving me crap for going with a team that's undefeated Derek Carr is ten times the quarterback Thill will ever be what he's had 52 starts and still just as inconsistent as he was when he started. Fuck the Dolphins worthless ass football team. Oh yeah grimes is about washed up Olivier Vernon making the same dumb ass mistakes as usual y Dan took that 4th and 4 and gave them a 3rd and 14 I'll never understand the team is just fucked all the way around get rid of tanehill christ let Matt Moore play I'm sure it will take a few games but guarantee he will be better than that fairy ass Tannehill

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We're all angry with this team. But switching team loyalties is for little girls. What are you? A little girl?

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The season was over when the team changed its head coach after 4 games. Campbell doing anything more than two wins against bad teams was a fantasy.

Reality is that if an owner would seriously consider giving his coach the hook after 4 games, then that is the wrong coach to start the season with. If we had ownership that cared about the team, then Philbin would have been replaced in the offseason.

Instead, we got a guy that would rather see the Patriots win the Super Bowl in his home stadium and give up a divisional home game by going to London. This team's ownership sucks.