Sunday, October 04, 2015

This Is Great Mr. Ross!!

5 minutes into the game.

Jets 7. Dolphins 0.

2 special teams penalties by Miami. 2 consecutive 3rd and long scenarios my the Miami Offense.

1st play of the game by Miami? Bubble screen.
1st play by the Jets? A 58 yard bomb to Brandon Marshall, oh yeah and Fitzpatrick was 2/19 with 3 interceptions of passes 20+ yards down field so far this season. The Dolphins improved that stat didn't they?!

Oh yeah, and the Jets are running all over our defense. Same song, same dance, New dance partner.

3rd Miami possession, 3rd 3 and out.

Oh yeah and did I mention the Miami has fallen behind double digits every week so far??

End of the first quarter. Jets 140 yards. Miami 28. Last week in Buffalo? 39 first quarter yards! Aaaaaaaaaaaaannndddd a sack of Tannehill to start the 2nd quarter! Dolphins now 0/4 on 3rd down.

Did anyone know that the Jets head coach interviewed for the Dolphins job when Philbin was hired! Aaaaaannnnndddddd the Jets D-Coordinator was Miami's D-Line coach?

Did anyone see Koa Misi, the Miami linebacker, covering Eric Decker who is a wide receiver?? LOL, good scheme Coyle!

We are now up to 3, count 'em THREE, special teams penalties halfway through the 2nd quarter. 

We scored a TD! Two pass interference plays to get Miami in scoring position.

Jets RB Ivory currently has more yards than Miami's entire offense. Good job.

Another 3 and out for Miami. No 3rd down conversions so far the entire first half. LOL

65 TOTAL offensive yards for Miami.

Well guys, it's been a fun first half, Miami is LUCKY Fitzpatrick is so inconsistent with his arm or it would be much worse than 20-7.

Mr. Ross, have you seen enough yet? See a trend happening week in and week out? Or are you gonna let Philbin make more excuses?  It wouldn't surprise me if you let him stick around.

Who to replace him on an interim basis you ask? Pick a fan out of the stands, it couldn't get any worse. 

Thank you Jets, Obviously Mr. Ross needed to look like a more of a fool than he already does. Let's just hope you guys did the job and he grows a backbone and cleans house, like he should have the first time...

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Clean house. I second that!


I agree... time for change. Tannehill is fine with offensive line. Coaching staff sucks


I agree... time for change. Tannehill is fine with offensive line. Coaching staff sucks


I'd fire Philbin, Coyle & possibly Lazor before leaving London. Give them a ride back to Miami on your private jet or buy them a coach ticket home. Have all of their offices cleared out by 6 pm tonight.


I have some good news guys! I have Brandon Marshall on my fantasy team! The bad news is the Jets are very well not likely to pass the rest of the first half being that they AVERAGED 10 yards per carry on tha first scoring drive!


bring in mike shanahan please


Santa please bring the Dolphins an o line, a pass rush and help them figure out how to stop the run, if not I'll accept a top 5 pick in the draft that I prey we don't screw up


@ Jason Gibbs:

They have a O-Line, Pass Rush, & Personnel to stop the run! They just need a coaching staff that can put it together!


A starting caliber guard or 2 and a middle linebacker to be precise


@ Jason:

The Miami D Lime should be helping the LBers more and as for the guard position, the draft picks should be developing more under the staff. What happened to Billy Turner? LOL.

Does Ross have the balls to fire a few coaches? We shall see...


I REALLY hope it's mostly the coaches because that's an easier fix


LC, we all must keep a sense of humor!

Ross will be hearing it all week long in the Big Apple.