Monday, October 19, 2015

"The sleeping giant is awake!"....Dan Campbell

Those words never sounded better.

Hopefully, they are prophetic.

When Williams muffed the opening kick off yesterday at Tennessee, I wasn't so sure what to expect from our new found Dolphins.

I was worried that it may be same song, different band leader.

Then Miami marched 80 yards to pay dirt immediately thereafter and I was feeling relief but not quite completely convinced.  I still had a couple doubts.

By the middle of the 4th quarter, I bought in.

I have sold my soul.

Hopefully, not to the devil of the past who only leads us to heartbreak.

No, not him.

I believe in a new devil.

One with enthusiasm and grit.

One with fire and toughness.

One who wants to play again, if only he could.

One who led us through the valley of the walking dead and into the light of kicking ass.

Yes, this new devil, by the name of Dan Campbell.

He said in his post game speech in the locker room that he was inspired by the play of his troops. That he wanted to bleed for his guys.

I have taken his cup of blood and drank.  I am a believer.

This belief does not require faith.

No. Because faith requires believing in something that you haven't seen.

But I have witnessed a team resurrection. 

Yes! I saw it with my own eyes.  That was a completely different team.

They played tough to the whistle. They won the clear majority of their one on one battles.

Referring to his new practice regimen, "We know what the model is now" added Campbell. "We got to go after each other!"

Yes, the Dolphins, who battled each other in practice this past week, turned that new found toughness into a dominating performance against the Titans.

From one on one drills to creating a team determined to prove their manhood, Campbell has pushed the right buttons.

But he and all his new found followers know that this is just one game. 

And after he recognized the backups for pushing the starters this week in practice, Campbell made his most important statement about this awakened giant in the gospel according to Dan.

"He can't take a nap."

No he can't go back to sleep.  He told his players that come Wednesday they are going back to getting after each other's throats.

Back to nasty, back to finishing blocks, back to winning their one on ones so that each individual player can once again enjoy a team victory.

Let us pray.

Phins Up!!!

Carl Leone
Dolfan since 12/25/1971
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Like a breath of fresh air - after years of breathing putrid stench. I just hope this wasn't a one-and-done. But, I believe that Campbell's fire and enthusiasm was just "what the doctor ordered."


Just win, baby! Doesn't matter if it's Rishard Mathews making the plays. As long as the plays get made and the points go up. I don't care if Devante Parker is a decoy for the rest of the season. Just as long as we win these damn games!


What a dead fish Philbin was in comparison to Dan Campbell.


I've said this for 2 years, get rid of Philbin, and wow what a difference, it was a totally different team, energized, confident, finishing plays. For all those people who have said Philbin isn't the problem, BOOM! we literally had no rushing game, you change coaches and how is it Miller goes over 100 ? and Tannehill connects on a long ball ? and they throw the ball over 25 yards ? Campbell took the training wheels off and let these guys show their full potential. Lets hope it sticks!


Yes Mike, you have wanted to get rid of Philbin and I was one of the guys who wanted to give Philbin 4 years. Because I believe any Head Coach deserves 4 years.

I hope Campbell gets us on track. The next 4 games will tell for sure.


I heard Dan Campbell built the house he was born in


I'm a glass half-full kinda guy, but I was beginning to have my doubts about Tannehill. My main concern was his habit of telegraphing his throws. Another concern of mine was his aloofness on the bench, where he was usually shown sitting by himself.

Glad to say that everything changed for the better yesterday. Those zip passes hitting receivers in stride was a thing of beauty. He was also brainstorming with Lazor and Moore on the sidelines.

To me, this represents the culture change Campbell said he would do. The offensive line played much better, too, so maybe Tannehill only had time to find one receiver before.

Yup, it's only one game, but I like what I'm seeing. Campbell has my vote!


I expected to see an improvement, but WOW.

And for anyone saying "it was only the Titans"...well in week 2 it was only the Jags and we played like garbage. Needless to say, two weeks ago the Titans would've probably beaten us. Instead, we annihilated them and made them look like they weren't even in our league, which I'm not sure we could've done to a single team in the NFL two weeks ago.

Tannehill, despite the two picks, still looked better overall to me. Miller looked good. Landry, as usual, looked good. The defense looked outstanding.

I think we can beat the Texans for the first time ever and get back to .500, but our schedule is NOT in our favor for the next few weeks. A competitive outing against the Pats and victories at the Jets and Bills would be HUGE for us.


Beating Texans for first time is a must. And then the season lies in the balance with road games at Pats, Bills and Eagles.


Agreed Carl; We have to win 3 out of next 4 to really be viable. I LOVE Dan's energy and it's so nice to see us functioning on all cylinders like we should be. WE have too much talent not to.... my main concern is not getty full of ourselves which I've seen the Fins do for way too many years....


anf with respect, it was like Philbin was never there.......



I am from Jersey too. Hillsborough

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Carl - lot to be excited about for sure. But I'm tempering my enthusiasm for now. As coach Campbell pointed out, this team has a history of winning a big game then doing a faceplant the next week.

As for Campbell, he's done a very good job getting the team on the same page. That is one thing against the Titans, and that type of motivational coaching may also work against a far less talented Texan team. But the three weeks after with the Cheaters, Bill, and Eagles on the road, the coach is going to have to point this team in a more sophisticated direction regarding Xs and Os. That will be his true test.


Yes linearz, going to need some good old fashioned game planning. That will lie with the coordinators and Campbell will have to rest the troops between Sunday and Thursday for the Pat's game.

I think Campbell knows to let his assistant coaches coach while he handles the pulse of the team.

We have a good team. They needed a kick in the butt.