Monday, October 05, 2015

Thank You Mr. Ross

Thank you Mr. Ross. You got the firing of Philbin right.

Please don't let it stop there, Coyle should be next up within the business day.

Please get the next head coach right. Don't screw it up.

Phins Up
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Lawrence - you're fooling yourself if you think this will do anything for this year's Dolphins. All Philbin's hiring does is let coaching candidates know that the position is indeed open for next year. But this year? Coyle or no Coyle, this team will not be in the post season.


@ linearz:

Did I say anything about this years Dolphins?

And Oakland Raiders. Dennis Allen fired after week 4. They are sitting at 2-2 and have competed fiercely in every game. Did you expect that???

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Sorry. I misinterpreted your outright rooting for the Jets as you thinking an immediate change was needed to turn this season around.

I agree the Dolphins did the right thing by getting rid of Philbin, but they are doing it at the worst possible time. The time to do it was last year, but Ross is an idiot. Firing Philbin now is just more Ross idiocracy. I saw Campbell's press conference and he looks a bit overwhelmed.... This season isn't turning around.

As for the Raiders, that was a different situation. We all expected the Raiders to be awful last year. They were. But Dennis Allen didn't get fired because he was a bad coach, he got fired because he didn't get along with the GM. This year, under Jack Del Rio - who is a good coach with a bad roster - I would expect the Raiders to be mediocre, so far they are.

And the Raiders were so bad that they had nowhere to go but up. The Dolphins are a completely different story. Good coaching makes this team very good. But bad coach, or a lot of instability will make free agents want to look elsewhere and players play below their potential.