Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Some random thoughts on coaching

I saw the report from Peter King that Harbaugh would not be considered as the next fins coach. File that under "tell me something I didn't know," captain obvious. Really? The guy who is effectively running Michigan football, who approved of the hiring of Harbaugh as coach, and who really wanted him there isn't going to come after him with his pro team? Shocking!

Dan Campbell is the 8th head coach the Dolphins have had since 2000. An average of 2 years per guy. #winning.

I hear he's had two great up-tempo practices. Does anyone else remember when Philbin came here and he was running these fast paced offensive drills where two sets of teams were playing? Seems similar. How did that work out?

We also hear Campbell has re-arranged the lockers. It's unclear if that was to help anyone or if that was just to mess with the players. Hey! These shoes don't fit....what the....

And he's been working on a seating chart for the airplane. Cause you know, it's the little things.

And we hear no truth to the rumor that Steve Spurrier quit in South Carolina to become the next dolphins head coach.
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I read the SF plYers hated Harbaugh, why would we want him. No offense but I say let Campbell do his thing and see how it works. Spurrier? Oh hell no!


Mr. Kennedy....Campbell is better than Philbin right now. When you add the end of last seasons stretch, you will see this team opened the season about the same way the finished last season...if not worse. Rizzi even said in his interview that the team needed a breath of fresh air...they're getting it. These small things that he is doing may not make a difference...but they help to keep the players off of the fact they started horrible. Now they have other things, however small, to talk about it and re-focus on. I like it. We will see how they come out on Sunday against the Titans.


good point. the little things by themselves may not mean that much, but the accumulative (as opposed to cumulative), will work. It's about changing culture. And you do that at all levels - big, scheme-wise, game planning & personell small - seating charts, etc and medium sized - practice intensity, player relate-ability and in game demeanor (having confidence in your players and holding them accountable after dumb mistakes). It will be interesting to see how the team as a whole reacts to these changes. It may light a fire under what appears to be an underachieving, talent-rich team. If we have the type of player that responds to a leader or we have the type of player that can't be motivated. We will certainly find out soon. If I'm Campbell, I unofficially get behind Landry as the model attitude the Dolphins should have. Fight, scratch and claw for every blade of grass. 22 Landry's every game, and we would be undefeated. Heck, if we have 6 Landry's (one for every position group) we would win a lot of games.


I guess that's the problem with a coaching change in a bye week. There isn't much to report on. And there's nothing to outwardly show a change in culture. So these things standing on their own sound silly.

I wasn't implying that philbin should have been retained. Quite the contrary, he should have been sent packing at least 18 months ago. Probably longer.


Mr. Kennedy... I find your article unfortunate and I agree with the gentlemen who commented before. Let the man (Campbell) do his thing first and see how it goes, I feel that you are way too early for this type of criticism; at least give the man ONE game before you light the torches and get the pitchforks please. You are right by saying that the “small things” that you mentioned in your article “sound silly” if taken out of context… as you did. I for one am very pleased that he is “also” looking into the “small things” AMID the most important issues… Competitiveness, heart, pride, etc., at least some players seem to like the new atmosphere and that can only be positive.


Sure. Campbell deserves a chance. But given this owners history and the team's general bumbling, it's hard to believe this will somehow work out.

But in fairness, I'm not bringing out the pitchforks. It's merely the pessimistic (and sarcastic) view.


Yes, I can certainly understand how difficult it has become not to be pessimistic and/or sarcastic. These are hard times for us fans… To tell you the truth, I am so dizzy in this roller-coaster that I often find myself whishing desperately for a “Campbell miracle”, but at the same time damn reality kicks in and that familiar sinking feeling of what our future may hold creeps in.

Having said that, let’s hope for the best, who knows, maybe we’ll all be surprised and these guys may yet make a season out of this mess.



That is exactly what I'd expect Ross to do.