Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Rays view

Ross fires Philbin and replaces him with an assistant. That goes s long way to improving the team. We hope. Addition by subtraction.

But there were a couple of things he did that were head scratchers.

For one, he didn't address the coordinators. He brushed off any talk of that, and said that might be considered later. Then he tried to distract us by saying he believed that this team will make the playoffs. That's delusional but he's the owner and his job right now is to sell tickets.

For another, he fired Philbin on the phone. He was with him in London, then they went their separate ways and Ross went back to ny. But Monday he picked up the phone and called Joe. That's not professional. That's not what someone who gave you a contract extension a few months ago does. It shows how little he cares about this organization.

But wait. There's more. He announced the replacement in Campbell. But then told us he's never actually met Campbell. Uhhhhh. He talked to him a couple of times but never met him. He decided on him based on Tannenbaum's input, and because he called Bill Parcells for a recommendation. Because Parcells word means so much (eyes roll)

Knowing that, and how he kept Parcells, and how he hired Philbin a few years ago, I have confidence in his ability to hire the next coach. Do you?
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Good points Ray, but I fell like if Campbell doesn't have a miraculous turn around and they do go outside for a head coach, Tannebaum and Hickey should be the ones to pull the trigger. Ross is an absentee owner so he should let the people who are around the team day in and day out do the hiring this time around. I doubt that will happen but we can hope...