Monday, October 05, 2015

Philbin fired, Campbell to be interim head coach

After a 1-3 start the Dolphins have fired Joe Philbin and sources say that Dan Campbell will become the interim head coach. The whole season the Dolphins have started off slow and if weren't for a Jarvis Landry punt return in week one, we could very well be 0-4. After an offseason in which the media actually had some faith in us and we were projected to make a push for a playoff spot, we end up closer to the number one pick than we are to a playoff spot. The last 4 games have felt like weeks 14-17 for a team that has been mathematically eliminated from the playoffs and not a team in their first 4 games, with on paper enough talent to make some noise. 

Now we move on and see what new head coach Dan Campbell has in store for us. He was our tight end coach this year and previously played for the Giants, Cowboys, Lions, and Saints. Campbell will have 12 games to plead his case to stay at the helm, and who knows maybe he will find a way to turn it around. The beginning of our schedule is the easiest part and with a bye week and with the Titans and Texans on the schedule, maybe we go to 3-3 and the team starts to have faith and goes out and plays hard against the Patriots on Thursday night. To talk about playoffs would be crazy right now but the bright spot in all of this is at least we still have a chance. 

But we very well could lose the majority of our games and end up with a top 10 pick and a new head coach. If that were the case I personally would like to have someone with a defensive mind and I want to return to the days where we were a stronger and meaner team on both sides of the ball. The team right now feels soft in comparison to other football teams in the NFL. But for now lets all focus on the present and there is still some hope, however slim it may be. We have a bye week to correct our many issues, but maybe now the team will play inspired. 

And if it all goes downhill just put Jarvis Landry to coach. He shows the most heart out there and has basically done everything for us. 
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You are absolutely correct that there is still time to turn this thing around.

On paper, we have a good team. Now we just need some fire and brimstone.

We were passive on both sides of the ball.

While other teams are attacking on defense we sat in our base defense and got blown off the ball.

When you look at Campbell's profile with his big ole chin sticking out he reminds me of another coach everyone has wanted to come out of retirement. Maybe Campbell will actually become our Bill Cowher. Both have the chin and the fire burning inside.

Hopefully Campbell can light that same fire in this team.

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Cut off the head of the snake, but the DC is still a problem. I don't see how this can be turned around until this team gets a defensive coach who can figure out how to use Wake and Suh properly.

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We need to be honest with ourselves - This team is quite broken and will likely take an entire offseason to fix.

Firing Philbin is a start, Coyle will help, but no team can be successful firing a coach mid-season. It is not how the NFL works. To those that hoped for this day, hoped we'd lose to the Jets: You got what you wished for... another lost season. RIP 2015 Dolphins.


I already knew that this season was going to be wasted because Philbin was still the Head Coach. I feel sorry for Campbell because he'll probably keep Coyle and Lazor as the coordinators, and what they want to do on the field is as bad as what Philbin wanted. This team needs to get rid of the fancy finesse offense and become physical, with a strong running game and a passing game that can go deep. On defense they need to go back to what Nolan was doing instead of what Coyle is doing. I just hope that whoever is HC for next season wants to run the opposite of what Philbin, Lazor, and Coyle ran!


To Carl: From the press conference he seemed really passionate so hopefully that will carry over to our team.

Linearz: my thought process is are we a better team without philbin? If the answer is yes then it improves our chances to make a push and at least be competitive. If its no then at least it would secure a higher draft pick. And at least this way you get to audition out Campbell who knows.

Stratrocker60: There are some reports out there that they will get rid of Coyle, but who knows, we will just have to wait and see.

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I think that the Dolphins being better now is TBD. If Ross had fired Philbin at the end of last season, then the Dolphins would be better - given that Ross has more competent people than Ireland advising him on a coaching search. But now, the firing just seems like a panic move. Switching horse mid-stream never works.

And this is not a fair assessment of Campbell - or any coach. It will be difficult for any new coach to put his stamp on this team without an offseason of planning and a training camp. I feel bad for the guy, because, at best, he'll be on the streets at the end of the season without the press shredding him.


Some people are (maybe on here, maybe not) are saying that Campbell will do no better because he's from the Philbin coaching staff. However, to set the record straight, that is false. Campbell has been the TE coach with us for 6 years. He started during the Sparano era.

I will say this, at least the guy has some personality. And TE has been one of our only bright spots the last few seasons.