Sunday, October 11, 2015

On Stephen Ross

Apparently, Mike Florio has a similar opinion to me in that Ross is a not-too-great owner... He was on Joe Rose's show Friday.

In my humble estimation, he is the worst owner in the NFL.  He has brought shame and disgrace on this franchise and is clueless and has learned nothing from his own past mistakes. 

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Shame and disgrace? Ross?! What about 1996 to whenever Ross took over? Gonna blame that on Ross also? The shame and disgrace was when the media and south ran Shula off.


Mary is absolutely correct on Shula. Though Jimmy Johnson may have had a little to do with it by getting in Wayne's ear every once in a while.


Yeah, Ray, the way H Wayne handled things, and ranny Shula out of town was bad. But I will grant you that they were still winning under JJ....something that you can't say about recent times.


I think Dave Wannstadt deserves a healthy helping of "shame and disgrace" for treating perhaps the greatest player in franchise history (Dan Marino) like a stepchild. And then he (Wannstadt) and Randy Mueller proceeded to dismantle the roster and give away draft picks like they were throwing candy to the crowd from a parade float (all the while making bad draft choices and offseason choices. I feel like we're still trying to rebuild our roster after "Hurricane Wannstadt."

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Dave Wannstadt
Nick Saban
Cam Cameron
Tony Sparano

All hired before Ross showed up.

Bill Parcells
Rick Spielman
Randy Mueller
Jeff Ireland

All hired before Ross....

This isn't to say that Ross doesn't deserve his knocks, but Wayne Heizenga is responsible for dragging this team into the dumpster to begin with...

The thing that gets me is that Heizenga had the model. He had Shula. He had JJ. Yet somehow he figured out how to completely destroy the team. At least Wayne made good money charging the Marlins rent.


Ross replacing Wayne was a stipulation in Parcells being hired...

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@justhefacts - Not quite. Parcells was hired two months before Steven Ross entered the picture. Parcells' stipulation to remain was more a threat to quit if the team's ownership were to remain unstable. When Parcells took the job, he had one boss Wayne. Then Ross purchased a 50% stake and all of the sudden it was a two boss headache.

According to his book, Parcells had no opinion of Ross when he started, but grew to dislike him. That doesn't excuse was a lousy job Parcells did as GM, but clearly it was Wayne - who Bill's golf buddy - that hired Parcells.

Point is, there was whole a lot of suckage between the time JJ left and Ross showed up. Some even have a valid point that JJ replacing Shula was the real start of the suckage. We can't forget how the garbage man trashed this team when he was owner.