Tuesday, October 13, 2015

NFL net worth

I've been suggesting for a while now that Ross should sell the team. But I wondered: is it worth more than he paid for it?  

And as luck would have it, I came into contact with someone who could tell me the team value. Not surprisingly, it's in the middle of the pack at around $1.2 billion (including the stadium). 

So yes, it's worth slightly more. 

But as I learned this, I also couldn't help but notice philbin was one of the bottom 5 paid coaches in the league. And surely Campbell will be at the bottom. 

And while neither tannehill or suh crack the top 5 in salary, they aren't far behind.  Tannehills contract is technically $5 mil this year but with guarantees his cap number is around $21 mil. 

Suhs contract only eats up $4 mil in salary this year but is valued (ridiculously) at almost $60mil for a cap number. 

I thought it was worth passing on. Just a little something for an off day. 

Here's the inspiration behind the infographic and calculating net worth

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How much did ross spend on the stadium renovations though?

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Who would Ross sell the team to? Billionaires can be a tricky lot....

Contrary to popular Dolfan opinion, Ross is hardly the worst owner in the NFL. If you want bad owners, look at San Francisco or Cincinnati or St Louis or Oakland or Washington.

So far, Ross' biggest fault is that he seems more interested in real estate development than winning football. But at least he isn't threating to move the team, going for the cheapest roster possible, or trying to decide what play to run on third and long.


J Burke - we don't know the actual cost. He has asked for $400 mil, but because its "privately financed" and we only know about the final design, we can't say. Plus, being in real estate, he probably has some ideas on how to maximize his dollar.

And as for the comment how much did *he* spend? We don't know that either. We know he's fronting some money - but surely a large portion comes from the NFL stadium fund (a no/low interest loan), and he will be recouping a lot from the state and county. So within ten years, whatever investment he would have made will be even for him....and probably less than 10 years.


linearz - I know we don't agree on this, but I still think he's a terrible owner. Keeps making dumb decisions, can't run a football team, and I would argue that he's worse than any franchise owner you mention.

Yes, the billionares are a tricky lot. But surely someone will want to buy it at some point.

And they will take with it all of the debt that has accrued on the stadium - there are several bonds and low interest loans that are outstanding on it. That apparently was a bone of contention between he and Wayne, and the next guy gets to take that as well.

As for threatening to move - maybe you don't recall his subtle talk (mainly through Mike Dee) that there was a chance they could move if they didn't get their way. Of course it was all bluster, because the owner would have been on the hook for the aforementioned loans regardless.....so moving would make no sense.

But if that weren't the case, I don't doubt he would have threatened it.