Tuesday, October 06, 2015

New HC Campbell Hopes To Turn The Corner By Changing The Culture

As I watch the videos and read the interviews with new Miami Dolphins Head Coach Dan Campbell, I am starting to believe that he could possibly be the best thing we needed.

He states that the practices were too soft.  The players weren't challenged enough to get better.

Lets face it. For the last 3 weeks we looked about as soft as Dairy Queen.

He says he wants players who push the envelope between clean and dirty. Guys who want to run through their opponent. Nasty guys with a nasty attitude.

Campbell must have liked Richie Incognito a lot because he sounds like his style of player.

Campbell wants tougher practices to create tougher players.

He believes we have a good enough roster to compete in this league but the players have been coddled.

If he can instill some toughness and quickly, we may be able to salvage the season and make the playoffs.

If it takes him a month to toughen these guys up and then they go on a winning steak, then he might just get the interim removed from his job title.

Look at this from the players standpoint right now.  They know there is a very good chance that a new sheriff will be riding into Dodge next season. So whether its Campbell back again or a new coach altogether, they have to put it on film.

They may be Philbin's players but he no longer matters. 

They need to become Campbell's players. And they need to start this week during the bye week which has become Coach Campbell's first mini-camp.

He has 2 weeks to instill some fire and brimstone into this latest Dolphin's roster.

This also has me thinking that maybe Philbin also didn't want an aggressive styled defense and had the shackles placed on Coyle.

Could Campbell direct Coyle to just push the envelope and turn these guys loose on their opponents?  What do we have to lose?

Our base defense was horrible and while every other team was blitzing like crazy we were trying to not get burned. 

Maybe Campbell can not only get more out these players by toughening them up but also get more out of Coyle by giving him more freedom to reek havoc.

Phins Up!!!

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"You play like you practice," right?

That says it all. No wonder we've been awful. Sounds like Campbell wants these guys to play for keeps, even at practice. That's what we need.


You do indeed play like you practice.


You do indeed play like you practice.

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We'll see. Looking at the press conference, I can see why they chose Campbell. He looks like he can light a fire under this team. Reminds me of a young Cowher. But the lack of experience also showed through.

It is very unlikely that any coach could turn this team around at this point. Without a full training camp, it is in a tough position. Hard to install a new defense with a new DC, and so we are likely stuck with Coyle. Maybe Cambell can at least start convincing the players to respect the coaching staff, and maybe he can start convincing the coaching staff to run schemes more in line with the players talents. But this team needs more than a little tweaking.


I hope Campbell is the real deal. We are so due to hit a HR in picking a head coach.