Monday, October 05, 2015


I read this morning that the defensive players met with the defensive coaches to express their displeasure. And that Suh showed some disrespect for Coyle by wearing sneakers to practice (I hope they were something ridiculous like converse all star high tops!)

Then I read that there could be a meeting today between Ross and Philbin. And one possible option will be to try and convince Philbin to fire Coyle. Remember that in his contract, Ross gave Philbin complete authority to hire and fire coaches. So Ross (or hickey or tannenebaum) can't make it happen.

Should make for a fun, and moderately uncomfortable, day for the staff.

The reality is that no matter what happens, you still have most of your coaching staff here. And the same players. While a coach might get fired, they're not hiring anyone else's to step in now, and the season is lost, because 10 wins will certainly be required to be a wildcard - and going 9-3, even if this team wasn't dysfunctional would seem like a long shot.

And now to address some comments yesterday that tannekill (intentional) is not the problem, and that the new coach will have to work with him: that's a nightmare scenario. Allow me to explain.

Supposing Ross goes out and interviews. Ross has to tell him some things.

1. He has to lay out the structure. Perhaps the candidate will report to him and tannenebaum. Or maybe just him. Or maybe just tannenbaum. Or maybe the GM figures in there too.

2. What will become of hickey? Will he fire him and gets someone else? Will tannenbaum do it? It seems likely the candidate will have little say over the personnel because that's the GMs job, Most coaches and GMs prefer to work with people they know and that needs to be a known quantity going in. Otherwise who takes that job?

3. Oh by the way, we have tannekill signed to a multi year deal. He's your starter. Period. If you want to know what a circus that would be, look to Washington. Gruden heard the same thing from Snyder when he took that job. How's that working out?

4. We're tight on salary cap because of tannekill and Suh. So you're going to have to build an offensive line in your garage. And we have no third round pick, so good luck.

5. How will Ross be as an owner? We've seen several sides to this guy. But the candidate will have to consider what it's been like over his 6+ years of ownership.

The reality that some of the guys people talk about have been out for a looong time and would only consider a job for ego and money (JJ anyone?)

Most of the other big names would/will balk. A number of assistants would probably balk too. Stay in a great situation as an assistant. Or go to Miami and be the head man? Certainly there will be some who interview, and maybe they get an Arians. But more likely they get a guy like they hired in Cleveland or Houston. Or worse, yet another coach who gives s fist pump when the fins get a field goal.

On the bright side, while football is over a month into the season, the drama - the soap opera that is the dolphins - returns for another year. At least our seasons haven't been boring! I mean think about some of the great stuff we've had to occupy us while seasons go south: wannstedt and his quitting mid season. Ricky walking away. Ricky coming back. Bully gate. Sporanos last year.

As the fins turn. Too bad most of the stuff we talk about has happened off the field, though...
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I'd love to know what Ross' special adviser and Dolphins legend Dan Marino is telling Ross!

Doesn't matter, I guess, because we'll all know what's up later today when Ross makes a decision.

I hope Philbin makes a stand for Coyle and Ross tells them both adios. Anything less is a half-measure.

I don't buy keeping Philbin because there's no viable replacement for him on the coaching staff. There is no assistant ON ANY TEAM that wouldn't want an opportunity to become a head coach? Bullcrap. The Dolphins need a head coach that can relate to the players because the first order of business is getting the players back on track.


A couple of other great soap opera moments Ray: I'm not gonna be the Alabama coach. We got to fail forward fast. Marino getting hired. Then quitting. And the getting hired again. Making an actual player cry.

And at least one good moment: the wildcat against the patriots.


Good stuff Ray.

The Dolphins would have been great Reality TV, that's for sure.