Friday, October 30, 2015

Goblin Pats

Just a few thoughts on the Dolphins at the Patriots...

Miami abandoned the run rather early, too early, just because the Pats stuffed it was no reason to give up. I thought Lazor was off his game. Like Ray said, I thought I saw Philbin at that game.

With New England's awesome performance record at home there was no chance for an upset. Having to play on the road on a short few days of practice left the whole team short on answers. I'm not making excuses. There is a rematch in Miami.

Lazor decided to put the game on Tannehill's shoulders. Sacked five times by an underachieving O line and a hungry NE defense, Tannehill was over-matched. The turnovers said it all.

The penalty situation was indeed strange. The referees called 13 total penalties in the first half and only 2 five-yards penalties the entire second half. Did the refs take the second half off to watch the game or did the quality of play improve that dramatically? Puzzling.

I was hoping that the Miami defensive backs would bump the receivers at the line of scrimmage to disrupt their timing with Brady and give their D line a better chance to pressure Brady. Didn't happen. Brady and Gronk each set personal records in that game.

I'm not too bummed about the outcome, though. There wasn't enough time for Campbell to get into his team's heads. By the looks of it, the coaches didn't have enough time to put in a plan to counter Belichick. Not too many teams do!

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We got schooled again. They are just better.


We got schooled again. They are just better.


Your right, Carl! Belichick has a hell of a system going on.