Friday, October 30, 2015

Fished in.

I was fished into believing the team was actually any good. That what we saw for two weeks was real. That Tannehill just needed to be unleashed. 

I heard some of you say that Campbell reminded of Bill Cowher. More like Colin Cowherd. He's got the hype but when faced with a tough situation found that motivation and playing reckless wasn't enough. 

But thinking it over there really was NO WAY they stood a chance against the patriots. That coach and that QB at home are essentially unbeatable. Especially if you're not that good. 

Crashing back to reality indeed. 

Now every team has the recipe for beating the fins. 

8-8 may be a dream...

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Heading to Foxboro in October on three days rest to face a Patriots team that looks as good as they have in the last decade is a tough task for any team. Not happy with how we played but will put more stock in if/how we are able to bounce back and play at BUF and PHI. The next two games will determine whether we have a shot at a wildcard.


I was never hooked, but the 2 wins under Campbell did prove that Philbin's style of football was weak and ineffective and the team is better off without him. The next step is to get rid of all traces of Philbin, Coyle, and Lazor, and their entire offensive and defensive schemes, plays, and philosophies. (This should have been done when last season ended!) However, the loss to NE proves that there are way too many holes on this roster, and not enough quality starters. Holes that absolutely needed to be filled from last season (OL, LB, DB) were either ignored by Tannenbaum, Hickey, and the Front Office or filled by terrible players. Fixing the O-line was a HUGE need, yet they made no effort to improve it. If Ross has any brains at all, then next year Miami will have a new VP, GM, and Head Coach.