Friday, October 09, 2015


I'm getting the impression that face of the Dolphins is no longer Tannehill despite attempts to do so by the Dolphins organization.

It appears that Commander Suh is becoming the face of the franchise. He's an all-pro with an unquestionable work ethic and a mean streak to boot. It was Suh and the defense that led the uprising. It was the defense that met with the coaching staff behind closed doors. It was the defense that took it further after failing to reason with coaches in-house.

Tannehill and the offense didn't instigate change and it's doubtful any change would have occurred had the defense not stood together and said enough is enough. I'm sure many offensive players sympathized with that.

Tannehill's rep is taking a hit after clashing with the scout team defense last week. Once again, defense!

Coaching changes wasn't all that happened last week. The face of the franchise is changing and will be determined by the players, not by the front office.
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I've never considered Tannehill to be the face of the franchise. IMO, he's not and never will be an elite QB, although if they would give him a good o-line he may become a decent game manager. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if he's gone as soon as his contract allows it.


Just out of curiosity where are you getting this info?
Suh has been a disappointment that even non-fans mock me about.
I have heard nothing about an up rise against the coaches, there was a closed door meeting to air grievances but you are the first one to say it was an up rise against the coaches.
Your third point about Tannehill not instigating change is based on your second point.
I don't really care who the face of the franchise is as long as the team is winning. Besides it seems like there is a hit piece after every game trying to find Suh stepping on or kicking somebody.