Friday, October 09, 2015


Yes, we have expectations now that the Dolphins have fired Philbin & Coyle.

A player revolt happened and it was so widespread that Philbin wasn't able to head it off by trading away the ringleaders, which had been his modus operandi. My guess is that the second-most wealthy person in the Dolphins organization, Suh, fearlessly led the revolution. That shows me a united locker room with strong leadership, something that had been lacking. That's fine and dandy as long as they've laid down the torches and pitchforks and are ready to begin playing smart, aggressive football.

It'll take time to bring about a "culture change", no doubt. The Dolphins could make a quick transition now unhampered by a failed system that emphasized scheme over natural talent and abilities. The players must feel pumped with their new identity. I can't wait to see the team play next week!
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Great! Another HNIC


I'm glad the "Mediocrity Guy" has been fired and the same for Coyle; his schemes reminded me of (dare I say it) Tom Olivadotti. I gotta believe the only way is up. I'll be happy as long as they come out and playing inspiring hard nosed aggressive football, win or lose as I forgot what that looks like


Sure, the coaches were dinosaurs and we all knew it, now they are gone. Time for the "playas" to play. No more BS. Suh, Pouncey, Albert, Wake, Grimes, all need to step forward and show the others how it is done, how to show your true pride.
Tannehill ? I am not so sure. Heck, even with that poor London game, he had shots to get the team back, shots in the red zone and he came up empty. Until he wins a few and takes control in the 4th quarter of games, the team will always "wonder" if he is a leader or not. Still, there is enough talent to still pull out a couple of W's in the next few weeks vs Titans and Texans and get to 3-3. After that ? Well, that is anyone's guess, but the mo-mentum of getting back to .500 should help a ton.

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I expect nothing. Happy that the bad coaches have been let go, but a mid season coaching change in the NFL is as good as throwing in the towel. I'm waiting until next year.