Sunday, October 04, 2015

Enough Is Enough!

That's what Mom used to say when we kids had pushed her buttons long enough and she had had her fill with us for the day.

Enough is enough.

And I have seen it now.


I should have known what was coming when it was announced before today's game that the defensive unit had a meeting to air out their dirty laundry.

That speaks volumes.

That says enough to me.

As a coach, if you need the players to tell you what to do then you are in the wrong profession.

I tried to be positive. I refrained for 2 weeks from contributing here on this blog because, frankly, it would have been redundant.

What could I add to what we all had witnessed in watching our Dolphins get beat by the Jags and then get embarrassed by the Bills?

Only to get gashed once again by the Jets.

Yes, enough is enough.

We could all point fingers at the O Line and the D Line and the lack of solid QB play and dropped passes and missed tackles and on and on and on.

But it all comes down to coaching.  Not just X's and O's but teaching and MOTIVATING!

Yes teaching and MOTIVATING!

Who the heck are these players kidding?

They suck!

I am sorry but they absolutely suck!

There is no other way of saying it.

What is there to sugar coat about a 300 pound player not being able to stay in front of another 300 pound player for 3.5 seconds?

If a tub of ice cream was sitting on a table, I am sure they would find a way to stop some other 300 pound player from getting to it for at least 3.5 seconds.

If their kids were being threatened, I am sure that our D Line would find a way to sack that dude from hurting their kids.

If you truly want something, you will find a way to get it. And most times it is just being willing to run through a brick wall to get it.

But what I see is that this group of players just couldn't give two shits about coming out and kicking some ass.

And that starts with their Head Coach.

I cannot recall watching a team start a season just going through the motions.  That is usually how it ends.

Did Ross, Philbin, Coyle and Lazor bet on the Jags, Bills and Jets?

How could the 4 people most responsible for our current demise not have a clue in how to get the most out of their charges?

Something has got to give here and hopefully soon because if what we witnessed through the past 3 weeks is any indication of how lack luster this season is going to become then it may be time to truly say:

Enough is enough.

Phins Up!!!

Carl Leone
Dolfan since 12/25/1971
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Sorry Carl, it doesn't seem that Ross has the balls to fire anyone.


Ross is simply lost! He doesn't have a clue what to do and that has been obvious from day one. This team is now a complete laughing stock of the league!


Ross is simply lost! He doesn't have a clue what to do and that has been obvious from day one. This team is now a complete laughing stock of the league!


I agree 100%. I think Ross needs to get rid of Philbin and Coyle immediately. The sad part is that there are no good viable replacements out there right now (at least the “pickens are slim”). No matter – I think our season’s already in the tank. I like your comment about the tub of ice cream. Sounds like something my mother would say. I remember her saying to my younger brother (after he told her he couldn’t find his “other shoe”): “I’ll bet if there was a candy bar in it you’d find it.” Philbin simply cannot motivate players – he shouldn’t have to, but sometimes it’s necessary. (If only the whole team played with the heart/drive/desire that Jarvis Landry has). Philbin also cannot develop players and leaves talent sitting on the bench (e.g. Devante Parker, Dion Jordan [regardless of Jordan’s substance abuse issues, he wasn’t being developed by Philbin and Co].) Further, he lets go of good talent because of interpersonal differences (think Karlos Dansby, Vontae Davis). He’s gotta go


This team has been a turd since Robbie sold the team, yeah they had some good seasons but never had the Shula pride or instinct. It's been a clown show since. This team is loaded with talent. Maybe it's the area as well, too many distracions for millionaires.

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What i want to know is WHY is Philbon smiling at the media after the game? I didnt see Rex Ryan or Chip Kelly smiling. Why is this pce of trash smiling when i cant sleep for the last 3 Sunday's because what this idiot has done to this team. When u screw up this bad just getting fired isnt enough. Dont pay him the rest of his money make Philbon sue Ross for it. Then maybe he will wipe the smile off his stupid face


What does Philbon coaching career and Elvis and his son all have in common?


I agree with every DOLPHAN across the US. The coaches, or the HC, or a the big 3=HC, OC, & DC, or everybody must go. The players aren't trying anymore. After that powerful defensive stand of 3 plays to start the game, the producer called for camera # whatever switch too camera # whatever(it's similar to that in the video room); the shot was about 5-10 feet zoomed obviously, of Philbin. This is seconds after the extra point on a 3-play drive to start the game making it 7-0 1-minute in & just before they cut to commercial!
He was laughing and talking on his head-set to someone. I am telling you he has never left Green Bay! I wrote a response on the Phins Forum, titled "Miami Dolphins Civilized Discussions"(strict rules, & very good for me! No more emotion or even checking to see if anyone replied to my opinion. It is run as well as this one, the only difference is there seems to be many people?).
Anyway, what I wrote about was last years GB game and how Philbin wanted to talk with Rodgers after the game(they were still talking post game with the camera on all the people & players on the field & not as a background. The commentators were not shown??)! Rodgers is running to his locker room, smiling & excited=you could see this. Philbin tries to stop him, Rodgers turns sideways a bit & nods or something, but keeps running. Joe starts to run after him, but realizes he is 150 years old or not a good thing to do, who knows?? But they kept showing him & it was like(this is all my opinion) he didn't give 2-shits who won the game. He wanted to talk with all his former players and coaching equals after the game. He has never left GB emotionally. What was he, #5-6 choice? The money brought him. When he is canned, if he still coaches, guess where he will be??
Besides the fact that Philbin stinks as a coach, why will no-one come here anymore? It can't be the comment about the players mother; he is gone. But no one wants to coach down here! I don't get that more then anything! It's as if they are rejecting the city, or there is a large group of old football men that do not want to see success for the NFL franchise in Miami. I am starting to think more & more that there is a plan to move this franchise to LA, and just keep it for SB's every few years.
I'm not on this site so I'll never see if anyone responds; but if someone knows why, or what the reason could be for coaches not wanting to be here, say IT!!!!!!


Philbon is the softest coach in the NFL who demands nothing from his players. The guy should have been fired back in 2013 after the team tanked the last 2 games against trash. No one is hiring Philbin again as HC like Cameron and Sparano. What's Marino saying to Ross as the team adviser ???? This guy is not going to take us anywhere other than further down the sewer. I also don't want to hear the argument that there are no other candidates out BS. I'd like to see the list of candidates and challenge anyone to want Philbin over them. Jim Swartz for a start.