Monday, October 26, 2015

Anyone Know What Is Going On?

So I think it's pretty safe to say that absolutely nobody expected to see what we all have witnessed from the Miami Dolphins the last two weeks. They have annihilated the Texans and Titans.

They came out physical. The came out motivated. They came out and executed in all phases of the game. Cameron wake has 6 sacks in the last 2 games. Some will say why do grown men need to be motivated? There are a lot of things we can compare that to but the fact of the matter is that motivation is important, grown man or not. 

It is apparent as can be that Joe Philbin was holding back the offense. How is it that Ryan Tannehill breaks passing records and Lamar Miller has nearly 200 yards rushing in a half of football once Philbin is gone? Dan Campbell has publicly said that he will let his coordinators call whatever play they feel will succeed. That screams that Philbin dictated the play calls when he was here. After Tannehill hit Matthews for the first TD of the Texans game, Campbell went over to Bill Lazor and gave him a pat on the chest and congratulated him. 

Do we even need to dive into the improvements on the defense since Coyle got fired? Just for fun, let's just say, 6 sacks for Cameron Wake, by himself and 2 pick 6's for Reshad Jones. Enough said.

All of this being said, I can say that I didn't expect this from Dan Campbell. I expected him to be replaced at the end of the year. I expected an improvement out of the Dolphins but nothing this drastic. I know what you are thinking, it's the Texans and the Titans right? The way Miami won was impressive, no matter which of the 32 teams was on the field. So what about Thursday in New England?

I watched most of the Jets/Patriots game on Sunday. I honestly was not impressed by New England. Miami needs to win the turnover margin and put New England in some 3rd and long situations but I believe Miami wins 20-17. 

Phins Up!
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It's nice to see them playing smash-mouth football instead of Philbin's soft, polite finesse style. Campbell has shown that having a running game and using it actually works and helps with the passing game, while Philbin wanted nothing but a one-dimensional short pass based offense. Maybe the decision by Ross to keep Philbin after last season was a blessing in disguise, as I'm sure that if Philbin was fired when the season ended Ross probably would have made another poor choice for Head Coach.


"Philbin wanted nothing but a one-dimensional short pass based offense."

C'mon dude, I am sure he didn't want this, he just wasn't good enough to make his vision happen. Nice guy, but he lost his players this year. Ross made a change, and they are winning! Be happy! (I feel the conflict within you. Let go of your hate.)

The problem with moody players, is that they can turn on you quick when things go south. They'll stop playing in the middle of a game (Wallace), or opt to not bring their A games in the first place (weeks 1-4). Winning is fun and solves almost everything. I hope it continues, but I am curious to see what happens to Campbell after he does something these moody players don't like and calls them out for something. Look at what is happening up there in Buffalo--Rex (the anti-Philbin, and no newbie) is in deep, and his players are getting cranky.

Thursday is big. I sure hope we can rein in Gronk--but I don't think we have the personnel to stop him. Maybe our D line can rattle Brady. He's been given free rein so far this year.


Its all about who wants it more, anything can happen on any given Sunday!!


Where is D. Parker?


Simple formula on Thurs...Run, run, and run some more with Miller & Gray (who sure wants some revenge), play action with Rishard, Jarvis and D. Parker coming alive.
On D, HIT BRADY HAAAARD. Suh up the middle and Wake and Vernon on the outside coming in. The Pats lost their LT and have other new guys on the OLine. Let's go Phins, it is time to stop the Pats and their spotless 6-0 record. Smash mouth time is here.

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Hopefully what is going on is not just two really bad teams. Thursday is the first real test of how good this team is.