Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Where is the owner?

The fins suffered the biggest loss since he took ownership of the team. And yet he says nothing.

Maybe a lot of owners don't say anything in this situation, but I was kind of hoping Ross might say *something*
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Mr. Ross, begin courting Bill Cower, Jimmy Johnson, Tony Dungy or John Gruden...

Don't wait until the ship sinks...


Mr. Ross is a bigger joke than Coyle and Philbin. Money can't buy common sense I suppose


Week 3 and the rats are scurrying down the ropes!

Lets see how we fare against the jets before resorting to troll-like jabs. 2-2 is a major let down, but workable. 1-3 will get us that much closer to two new coaches an newer offensive line!

What would you have Ross say--are there any words he can say in public that make a difference to any fin fan? I sincerely hope you weren't among the many busting his huevos a few years ago for being too involved.

What is it that draws people to retread coaches? We hired the best one of these already, and he couldn't win with Dan Marino. Dungy needed Manning. Gruden is a one hit wonder--won with another coach's D, against a team that neglected to change the offense he created. Bill Cowher took 15 years to win, granted he was in the playoffs a lot which would be a nice change.


The owner doesn't block or tackle. he doesn't throw the football or catch it. I think we're fortunate to have Mr. Ross as lour owner. He doesn't skimp on anything. Has he made the best personnel decisions? Probably not however his heart is in the right place. I feel he's grown as an owner over the last 2 or 3 years. he loves the team as much as we do. I agree with the last post on perspective. It doesn't always work when you hire a coach who's experienced previous success. Look at Mike Shanahan. Two Super Bowl trophies in Denver to a washout in DC. It happens all the time. I feel Joe philbin is a good guy with a good football mind. The problem is he's not a head coach. We need someone with fire in their eyes to motivate the team and get them prepared to play on Sunday.