Sunday, September 13, 2015

View from the cheap seats

A win's a win, right?

I guess that's the best thing I can say about today.

I didn't see much to be happy about, and if this keeps up, we're 1/16th of the way to finding a new coach.

In every preseason game, Ryan Tannehill scored exactly one TD against the starting defense he faced.  (yes he scored a second one against a second team defense in one game) .... and today, he scored exactly one TD in the game.  (the field goal was based on a turnover, and they didn't move the ball)....I think we're seeing a trend here.   I'm still waiting for him to show me *anything*....

And while he may have helped his defense in subtle ways, Ndomikin Who? did not show up on the stat sheet.  At all. 

The only reason the Fins won was because the Redskins were so much worse.  I'll just say it: the Redskins beat themselves.  Miami got lucky. 

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Washington is always tough at home. However, I think Tanny was "stiff" today. He will be better next week!

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Yea, I pin this one on the coaches. Seemed they had no game plan, just figured the team could go in and sleepwalk to a victory. FWIW, they were right.

Hopefully this isn't the team that will be showing up in division games.