Wednesday, September 30, 2015


I read an article from the Herald by Steven Wine and he mentions that the only player with a sack this year is Jordan Phillips and he was benched Sunday and was told by the coaches that he needs to practice better to earn playing time.  What the hell kind of coaching is that ??  This is my big issue with these stubborn bone headed, ego driven coaches.  PLAY the men who have talent and produce or play to the strut of your ego and lose!! This coaching staff is just so irritating and frustrating.
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This is normal under Philbin. He has made a lot of head-scratching personnel decisions, yet the owner and many fans still support him.


Ross,Phailben,and Coyle are an absolute joke...these 3 know nothing about football..! The average fan could coach this team better than these buffoons...! PATHETIC...


Yeah these coache are fucking pathetic how the hell do u get your players fired up when u stand on the sideline looking like Howdy Doody? I just wish the team would revolt and play how the hell they wanna play dolphins will be nothing until this clown is gone it amazes me that he just won't throw in the towel and admit he's in over his head everything he does is the opposite of what should be done. Maybe Ross has this bond with Philbin cuz the both look like they were cut from the same cloth. The goofy cloth!!! Does nothing right christ the only thing he did do right was keep the penalties down and he'll that's all out the window now. Hey Mr. Ross FIRE HIS DUMB ASS YOU CLOWN!!!!