Sunday, September 13, 2015

Some Dolphins Related Thoughts...

So what can we all really say?

We all expected much, much more out of the Dolphins today. 

The offense looked ugly as can be in the first half. Ndamokung Suh didn't have the game we all expected him too. Neither did Tannehill. 

But with all that being said...

We. Still. Won.

Look, Washington had one hell of a game plan. They used cut blocks all game from what I saw to try and keep our D-Line in check and it seemed to work quite well. That is something the Miami defense will definitely have to correct because they will be seeing a lot more of that this year. 

It took Tannehill a half to get going but he did and played a good 2nd half of football. That will not cut it against a good team.

Miami should have won by a lot more but I will take a road win anyway I can! 

Is it me or is the media way way way overblowing that play where Suh tripped over Morris' helmet? I certainly didn't see anything malicious. Hopefully there are no suspensions because that would be asinine in my opinion. 

A little off the subject of the Dolphins, what the hell has occurred in the AFC east? Buffalo had the most impressive win in the division today. They shut down a very high powered offense. 

Enjoy the win Miami got today and let's hope we improve because we will need it!

Phins Up!

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Three sacks allowed for -44 yards. This offensive line is running out of excuses. We have enough talent for this not to be happening. Is it coaching? What is the problem? I'm just happy that we won and that Tannehill played smart and protected the ball, but I couldn't help watching the Cowboys/Giants game last night, watching Tony Romo prepare and eat picnic lunches in the pocket while, his o-line protected him for all eternity, and thinking to myself "I cannot imagine how devastating our offense could be if they would just protect Tannehill half as well as the Cowboys o-line protects Romo."

We should have one somewhat weak spot at the Guard position, but that's all. But it looked a lot worse yesterday. If they don't block better, we are going to have serious problems. I'm worried about week 3 now.