Monday, September 14, 2015

Philbin's Thinking Leaves Me Wondering

I am starting to worry now. 

I know there are going to be missteps along anyone's growth path at any endeavor they attempt to be successful at. 

And those missteps come with growing pains. 

I believe that NFL head football coaches need and deserve at least 4 years to implement their system.

And if they do not show signs of success in that allotted time then maybe they just aren't good enough yet.

I am still willing to give Coach Philbin his four years to not get in the way of this team's growth.

Yes, I am sure he has been a tremendous benefit to this Dolphin's team.

But he still, for the life of me, makes me wonder if he truly gets how to manage a game. 

Philbin not only needs to have his fingers on the play calling but also on the pulse of the emotions and momentum of a game that can turn success into failure so quickly you wonder what the hell just happened and how did we get to this point.

With 12:15 left in the second quarter, Brent Grimes picks off a pass and we set up shop at the Washington 21 yard line. We all remember that.

Up to that point in the game Washington had run 30 plays on offense with a total time of possession of 14 1/2 minutes.  We ran 10 plays on offense with a time of possession of 3 minutes.

Hard to believe that we were only down 3 points.  They were kicking our butts and we were down only 3 points.

Now here comes the kicker.  Or lack there of.

After 3 plays and a gain of 9 yards we are faced with a 4th and 1 at the Washington 12 yard line.

Up to that point we had rushed the ball for 2 yards on 3 attempts.

Not block buster stats.

Three plays earlier, Tannehill had just missed a wide open Sims in the end zone that left our best blocking TE with what may very well be a concussion so he had to leave the game.

We just were not moving the ball that well and even if you convert any 4th and 1 there is still no guarantee that you will translate that success into a TD.

We just weren't moving the ball that well.

If I were the Redskins and I knew I was kicking our butts and with only 10 minutes left in the half I looked up at the scoreboard and saw a 3-3 tie, how would I feel?

What the hell is wrong with a 3-3 tie after getting whooped up and down the field.

Here is a second kicker. And this one involves the kicker.

Why not give your rookie kicker a chip shot for not only his first NFL career kick but also his first NFL career game tying kick?

What the hell is wrong with that?

Now your kicker, who can and did stroke his kick offs into the end zone for no returns, can put the Redskins on the 20 after a touch back and we got momentum on our side. In a 3-3 game.

Instead, we fail to gain a yard.

They hoot and holler their way off the field. We walk off heads down.

They go the length of the field. 10-0.

And I am shaking my head in disbelief.

I get it: sometimes you want to show you have confidence in your offense and so you go for it on 4th and 1.  I do get that part of those decisions.

But sometimes you just out think yourself and leave valuable points on the field.

Ones we may need in the future.

A future that may or may not include Coach Philbin.

Phins Up!!!

Carl Leone
Dolfan since 12/25/1971
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Game one ... seriously


LOL Carl. I agree with you a hundred percent. I don't understand what happened in that game but the Phins better be glad they played a poor team or they would be 0-1. What baffles me is why it took so long for Miami to adjust to the Redskins cut blocking. Why did it take until after half time? It was a great game plan from the Redskins but Miami should have had an answer a lot faster than after halftime. Philbin and company better learn how to adjust in game, between series or we are in for a long season.


Game One...Game 10....Game 23...

I don't know if he knows how to manage a game correctly.....last year it was misuse of time outs....the year before Go or Go-Go

I am starting to worry about him is all I am saying


I have been wondering/worrying about a lot of the same things that keep happening with this team for 3plus years now. Same old same old as I see it.


Sorry, have to is about time Philbin "the Queasy one" showed some stones. I was happy he went for it on 4th and 1. It was a message to his team and to the opponent that Phins will be aggressive ! Forget the fact that they blew it, the oline blows and we all know that, no news here.
How did they just cut Jonas Gray, power back, really the only one ?
Man, keep that guy until at least Ajayi comes back, no ? So many times, 3rd and one, 4th and one, 4th and inches, and team cannot get a running first down, sad. Remember the days of Zonk, Ricky, Byars, even Woody Bennett, Andra Franklin,
for god's sake ! If it is not the runner, it is the oline, our short yardage plays need full revamp. Come on Lazor, please. It will cost this team a game sooner or later.


I'm sure you have read there thinking . They had discussed during the week situations. If they had 4th and 1 inside opponent territory the would go for it. Outside a yd the kick field goal. I agree with decision not the play call.


I'm sure you have read there thinking . They had discussed during the week situations. If they had 4th and 1 inside opponent territory the would go for it. Outside a yd the kick field goal. I agree with decision not the play call.


I blame Philbin for making that decision knowing full well that when he took over as HC he dismantled Miami's short yardage rushing attack because it's not in his offense. And, he has neglected to build a strong o-line and running game (that would easily convert those plays) in favor of "athletic" linemen and a short passing game.

Miami will not be making those plays until Philbin and his offensive philosophy are replaced.


Kick the damn field goal.


Might be the ghost of Ray Finkel lurking in those toes. But even the 17-0 Dolphins of 1972 won six of those games by seven points or fewer.


Lets bring back RB Polite from 4 years ago.

He was good for a yard all the time.


One must consider the entire situation when going for 4th and 1. You cannot just decide "OK, we are in their red zone so let's do it."


Let earl Mitchell run it from fullback position


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Disagree. I was stoked to see him finally show some balls. We should be able to make one f-ing yard. I bet if we put Suh as fullback we get it every time. Don't settle for field goals. We've done that far too long. The teams that take chances are the teams that go places. You just have to learn to execute. Good call to go for it. Go forth and have no fear.


I am not saying to never go for it but at that point we weren't moving the ball well. Their D was well rested. We are on the road and getting pummeled yet we could tie the game up gain some momentum.

Failed 4th and 1s turn momentum like turnovers do. In this case, I believe kick and tie plus give your rookie kicker a chip shot for his first attempt.


I agree totally... Philbin looks lost most games and has not shown the in-game decision making needed to be a great let lone good head coach. Being a true Dolphin fan I hate to admit that Bill the hooded one doesn't wait until halftime to make changes if something isn't working. Take note Philbin you may learn something.