Monday, September 07, 2015

Now That Its For Real, Here Is The 2015 Season Prediction

Before we begin to look at wins and losses, lets take a look at the most glaring aspect of the schedule which is that we play only 2 home games in Miami the first 10 weeks of the season: Week 3 against Buffalo and then Week 7 against Tennessee.  Week 4 is a "Home" game against the Jets but it will be played in London.

We are actually a pretty good road team as we went 4-4 on the road last year and that includes 2 tough losses, at Detroit and at Denver.  Since Defense travels well and our unit will be much better than last year's unit, I am optimistic.
We open with two very winnable road games at Washington and then at Jacksonville so we should be 2-0 heading home against the Bills. As most predictions have us splitting all the AFC East games, I see us winning a very low scoring game that our new Rookie Kicker, Andrew Franks, will have to win for us and we go to 3-0 here.
Next we fly to London to host the Jets.  I know from personal experience that playing the Jets at home late in the season turns into a Jets Fan Fest in Miami. There are enough New York transplants down there to begin with and then adding in the "get out of the cold" weekend warriors who fly down for a few days only multiplies the obnoxiousness by 20.  So playing our home game against them in London is actually a benefit in my eyes and we have the better team to boot. So 4-0 start before the early bye seems realistic.
After the Bye, we go to Tennessee. 5-0.
Now the season really starts.  We host the Texans, who, believe it or not we have never beaten and that goes back to their very first game in their franchise history at Miami no less. Ouch. I see us winning here too and getting off to a 6-0 start in a hard fought game.
Week 8 we fly up to NE to face the Pats on a Thursday night.  Brady is batting .500 against us and with them at home at night and probably wanting to make a National Statement about "Who the hell do these Miami Dolphins think the are?", I can see them kicking our asses.  6-1.
Oh boy, off to Buffalo in another dogfight. This will not be an easy win for either of us but lets give Buffalo the slight home field advantage even though I think we can win this game. 6-2.
Gee wizards, we are still on the road and tired too after two emotional road division games and Philly just runs us off the track. 6-3.
Hello Miami. A home game couldn't come fast enough. 5 out of the last 7 games will be in SunLife Stadium. And we spank the Cowboys as Romo doesn't get comfortable in his new found surroundings. 7-3.
J-E-T-S....Suck, Suck, Suck!!! Even in the Meadowlands that cheer will fill the air as the DolfansNYC buys up 3 connecting sections in the upper deck and helps turn the tide as Miami ends the Jets season and goes to 8-3.
Pay back is a bitch. Ask the Ravens as they leave Miami and we go to 9-3 and fighting the Pats for the AFC East as well as a Bye in the playoffs.
Now, we have to play Manning on a Monday Night. At least its at home. Oh wait, not Peyton but Eli. Oh that's different. Monday Night in Miami for Alumni Weekend during our 50th Anniversary Season!!! I would not want to be a Giants fan that night. 10-3.
Long flight across the country after a very emotional night game.  Going to the Chargers after we annihilated them last year at our place. Did I mention pay back is a bitch? All Philbin can say after this one is "The plane leaves in an hour, be on it." 10-4.
OK the final stretch against two very, very good QBs. Andrew Luck and Tom "Where is my ball pin?" Brady.  This is so easy to just say 10-6. Great season but wait. Andrew Luck is 0-2 against the Phins and both were in Indy. How about that? Didn't see that coming, did you? Now most teams enjoy coming to Miami in December. Bring the wives, the kids, the sunscreen. But Indy plays in a dome, so if anything, they lose a great weather advantage and actually have to play outside on grass. 11-4.          
Now whether this final game will determine the AFC East Championship or not, I do not know. Will NE already have clinched regardless of this game's outcome may not matter as they will probably need it for a BYE anyway.  I gotta ask you: Hasn't the world turned enough in the past 14 years? Hasn't the sun come up on NE long enough?  I believe the worm is turning and the Dolphins have finally taken advantage and taken back the AFC East.
Let me be the first to say, we go 12-4!
And here is why: Tannehill has grown leaps and bounds and we have a running game too. Miami was one of only three teams last year, joining the Steelers and Packers, as teams with not only a 1000 yard rusher but also a 4000 yard passer. You didn't know that did you?
Our defense was tough enough last year, but after watching the first team unit in preseason, they are ridiculously good now having given up only 3 points in 3 games.  Our D Line is so deep and talented. They have made a fiasco out other team offenses.  I kid you not.
The only concern I have is keeping the O Line and LB units healthy.  If they avoid major injury we can go 12-4 and win the AFC East.
I actually expect it.
Phins Up!!!
Carl Leone
Dolfan since 12/25/1971          
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Go Phins GO......


It's a believable narrative I hope you are right. As much as people will complain that we don't have any hot weather games in Miami, I'd like to point out that we only have one cold weather game in December. Phins up


You have struck a nerve with me, mattbatt.

The last few years we only had one early hot Home game on the schedule and that was last year when we beat the Patriots. Otherwise, we didn't get a Home 1 PM start until October. I think the NFL may not want to risk someone dropping dead in the heat.

Keep in mind that early September in D.C. is no picnic. Lots of humidity and the Skins will wear white.


I think we are capable of this record but we could just as easily be 11-5 or 13 - 3

Anonymous DeleteReply

I'm going to make this season's prediction like I make every season's prediction.


I'm only being unrealistic if the Dolphins don't go undefeated. And if you think thats impossible, all I've go to say is 1972.


You are the man, linearz.


Dude, if we go 12-4. We are all going to be happy campers. I love your confidence.

Of course, I want Linearz to be true 19-0. If you get to 16, you have to complete the deal!