Monday, September 28, 2015

Daves two cents

I hear the cries that "Joe must go!" and I appreciate the sentiment.  But I think the problems with this team lie higher up than simply a head coach.

If the owner fires him, who does he replace him with now?....and do you trust him to hire the "right guy" the next time?

You may also have noticed the players aren't really playing so well (perhaps its the wrong players?), and there's no real depth.  Sure you can say that it takes time, and Hickey hasn't had enough.  But when you look at well run organizations, you can see it turn quickly in this era of free agency.

How can some teams be consistently good, in spite of roster turnover?

So the issue. IMHO lies with the owner.  Pretty much everything he has done since he came on board has been handled poorly.  Allow Parcells to opt out and still get paid?  How did that work out?  Fly to California and try to hire Harbaugh while Sparano was still the coach?  Bullygate?  Saying he's disappointed but not doing anything?  His relationships with the people associated with the team are all complicated, and he's the ultimate boss to all of them?

These are things that don't happen to owners who truly are invested in their teams.  And their communities.  I go back to him not doing anything of substance here in South Florida.  He expects your loyalty. but doesn't do much in return to earn it.

Sure, he put "his" money into the stadium (yes, I laugh every time I hear that).  And fans love that.  But when you stop and think about it, the one thing it did for him was to increase ticket sales.  Sure, don't go to games as a form of protest.  But he already has sold season tickets and has money from fans.

And then, next season, he will probably have a new coach AND he will be finishing off stadium improvements.  And that may mean some new people will sign up for tickets.  And that means he wins again off the field.

I would (and have) argue that he's happy to own "an" NFL team.  I believe he tried to buy others before the Dolphins became available.  He seems content to be an owner, and who knows if he give two wits about what happens on the field.

So I'm saying the only way out of this cycle is for a new owner to come in and take over.  I doubt he's willing to sell, so that means we're stuck in this cycle for however long he maintains control.

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Are you serious? So its steve ross' fault that philbin cant motivate a team, or that coyles defensive schemes belong at the high school level? Its his fault that the coaches cant develop players? He sank 200 million dollars into tannehill and suh, but you question if he cares about a winning product? He isnt stupid, as you apparently assume he is. If you think all he cares about is off the field wins ($$$) then im sure he would rather put a winning product ln the field. Season ticket sales are not the end all be all.


He will sell when the team loses a bunch of fans and money.


Brian - he's obviously not stupid. But I am saying it all rests with him. He went after Suh with reckless abandon. Overpaid for him IMHO. But remember there's a salary cap and a salary floor. So how he chooses to spend the money doesn't matter. Jared odrick and the guys he had here last year performed better.

As for tannehill that was a mistake plain and simple. They took a chance that he'd be better this year. He would start on more than half the teams in the league. They should have drafted someone last year or this and let tannehill play out his contract.

And besides who hires these guys? It's the owner. So it's ALL on him.


Correction he would NOT start on half the teams....


I'm sorry. I don't want to be one of those crybabies. But the way this team was hyped in preseason, and how poor they really are, is just too embarrassing. I don't think I'm a fair weather fan. I am 44 years old and have watched every game since around 1980. But I'm on the verge of giving up on the Miami dolphins. They are not my Miami dolphins. They don't even look the same. This team is obscured to the point of absurdity. I can't take it anymore.


David: Saying Tannehill would not start on half the teams is the same thing as saying he would start on half the teams, LOL. Anyway, I kind of agree with you that the product is the owners fault. He hired these clowns that are coaching our team. The offense looks horrible and the defense has regressed every year under Philbin. It can't be the GM because our players leave and go to other teams and do very well, so it is on the coaches. They stink and the owner picked these guys to run the team so yeah, the stink is on him too.


This is absolutely absurd to point at Ross as the issue. He has done everything he can to get this team where it should be. He has been letdown by Parcells, Sparano, Philbin, Coyle, Lazor, Hickey and Tannenbaum. He tried for Harbaugh, Fisher, Manning, celebrity minority stakeholders etc. He has done everything asked of him and now some want to try and lay this at his door?
The issue is the underachieving players who need to be let go if they cant perform as well as the coaches if they can not get a gameplan that works going. That is their job, not the owner. Lets stop all the nonsense and hold those accountable for their actions, or lack of.
BTW the owner doesnt have a responsibility to "invest in the community" as that is just socialist nonsense. He is financing the stadium and paying the salaries and that should prop up the economy over time when they start to win. To say his money is somehow theirs is just idiotic. Heis the owner of a football team, not a case worker.
How about looking at holding those accountable for this debacle. Fire Philbin and team and make Cohwer an offer he cant turn down...things will change in a hurry in South Florida


Brian - my broad point is that he's not a part of the community and doesn't care about it. You're right that it doesn't matter if he contributes locally.

But keep in mind that he views himself as philanthropic and gives generously to the university of Michigan and to charitable organizations in NY.

But he ignores Miami and that part is odd. He can choose to give or not of course. But giving and caring would give him more leeway.

As it is he comes across as it being all about the money.

Underachieving coaches = on him as he hired them and let them stay around too long.

Underachieving players = at least partially on him because he hired the guys who picked them. If their skill is bad at evaluation then they are the wrong people for the job. And that's the owner again.

And cowher is not the answer either.


Gary Grimes - yeah that was pretty funny on my part. What I was trying to say was that Tannehill wouldn't make half the teams, and would only start - possibly - on a few.


When you say "he doesnt care about it",, how do you know? How would one know what he donates locally? Isnt upgrading that stadium AND keeping it in Miami (other cities have begged him to move there) AND upgrading it so people keep ther jobs caring about the community? I think that is something already evident that he does.
He is a businessman and of course its about the money...its about the money for everyone, however he could have left the stadium the way ot was but he didnt. His increase in wealth advances the entire area and those around it.
The coach hirings were on the poeple advising him. He is a loyal guy and maybe that is his fault, but the man is doing all he can to change the team....Why single him out....same issues with the other Super Bowl even with marino, yet no once attacks Robbie and Shula......
The man ahs the right team and they arent performing...time to fire the coaches which I think he will once the Jet game is over....
Often an Owner relies on the people around him...look at Jerry Jones for the opposite and that has been a disaster as well.
Give him time, and Cowher would turn that team around in a hurry. The man knows how to win


I have to say Ross is part of this problem for keeping Philbin 2 years to long. My issue with all of this is, he isn't a football mind, so if he wants to own a team fine, rake in the money but hire someone or consult someone on who is best suited for coaching a football team. An owner who doesn't know football like a professional who has been in the business all his life should NOT take it upon himself to hire someone to lead the team. Philbin is to blame as well, the hard headed stubborn man didn't want to get rid of Sherman, did not fire Coyle and now look where we are ? right where we were 2 years ago. Getting a new owner would be great, but that will take too long, we need change now and that comes from firing the HC and his staff ( Sorry Lazor, your play calling is distgusting )