Thursday, September 03, 2015

At least we don't have the Bills GM!

If you have been keeping up on NFL news then you know about the drama in Buffalo! according to Fred Jackson the decision for his release was that of Doug Whaley's.  Weather or not Ryan is trying to cover up saying it was a joint decision to avoid any further drama within the front office I don't know.  However I will say how do you as a GM release a veteran Running back when almost all of your backfield is injured ?  McCoy may not be ready for the season and if he is he will be on a repetition limit.  I just don't understand the NFL today and how ego's take over and become the ultimate goal to fulfill.  Whaley wanted to strut his power and show he still has say on what is going on, so he releases Jackson taking the power of being right over winning.  As far as I'm concerned keep it up Whaley and I second your next decision which is wanting to release Cassel, go right ahead! that leaves you with Taylor (which defenses will figure out by week 4) and Manual (and we all know what he can do).  I'd say Miami is sitting pretty right now as the drama continues in Buffalo.
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FIRST! ...HEY, LOOK AT ME, I'M AN ASS! [sorry, irresistible urge] :)

I'm thinking Ryan is getting cagier. He's a showman, P.T. Barnum, perhaps? He may turn the Bills around, or not, but if he can, those obnoxious fans will adopt him! So, Rex is betting early and heavily on himself, as would anyone with a big ego!

All head coaches have different personalities and styles, but Philbin could use a dab or two of Rexy!

I'm not rooting for Ryan's Bills, hope the fans want to lynch him, sooner than later!
The Jets are going nowhere (but, I like Bowles).
And the Pats, hope they are so euphoric and cocky that they fall off their high horse. Unfortunately, Belichek is the Saruman of the AFC East. There will be a battle!

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Rex Ryan is not a good coach. His defense was stacked early in his Jets tenure, and his team had a surprise victory in one game in the playoffs. Other than that, his teams haven't done much.

Rex could never keep the Jets locker room together, and as he lost talent through free agency or whatever, the Jets defense got quite predictable. Offensive wise, his teams have always been a bit of a joke.

I'm happy Rex is in Buffalo. And I'm happy the Bills GM as begun antagonizing his media whore of a coach. It makes for a more entertaining division without the Bills amounting to anything.