Friday, September 18, 2015

A couple of NFL notes from Dave

I heard this morning that the NFL prepared a 200-page document rebutting the un-suspension of Brady.  IMHO, the issue here is about the authority of the league.  Sure, they're "considering" a "neutral" person to hand down punishment, but the broader fear is that this person needs to have something behind it.

If the ruling of the judge in the Brady case stands as-is, it limits the NFLs power to discipline what happens off the field, or even on the field that doesn't relate directly to a game.  

It seems they want to stop that.  

But as I've noted before, there's something amiss, because they sometimes have people in the NFL who participate in shady dealings.  Like, say, selling game footballs on ebay for profit.  And that kind of stuff goes mostly unnoticed and unchecked.

On another note, you may have heard the Goodell has talked (again) about reducing the number of preseason games, and perhaps adding some playoff games on the other end.

What you may not have caught was his assertion that he has some people looking at the financials - and he would only do it if its profitable for the owners and the league.

Remember, that today each team sells tickets - at full price - to 10 games.  That's two preseason and 8 regular season home dates.  The proceeds from these falls under the revenue sharing rules: most stays with the owner, but some portion goes to the league to be distributed among the 32 clubs, along with TV money.

Any playoff games are sold separately, and that amount is disbursed differently, with most going to revenue sharing, and a smaller amount staying with the teams.

If the NFL reduced the number of preseason games to 3, it would create a weird imbalance - some teams would have 2 home games, while others would have 1.  They'd have to figure out how to share the revenue in that case - or perhaps they'd each have 1, and there would be a series of "neutral site" games to build fan interest.

Some time ago, I talked about the scenarios for adding more teams to the playoffs, and it would make sense to add A BUNCH of teams to the playoffs, thus increasing revenue.

Given the possible positive financial implications, I can imagine this is likely to happen in the next few years.
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They have a CBA that gives the Commissioner authority to handle discipline in the league but independent judges voided decisions by the Commissioner.

Players renegotiate their contracts.

What contracts or documents have any binding power in the NFL?


I think the answer is...nothing.


I'm against more playoff games. If I want to watch a sport were the regular season means nothing I'll watch the NBA or the NHL.