Thursday, August 20, 2015

WAIT.... WHAT?!?! NO WAY!!!....

"Gee Willackers Batman! It must be a canary with a machine gun!"

Take a look at these two stat lines:

Player A=COM%-63.6/YARDS-4,038/TD-28/INT-13/RATING-93.8
Player B=COM%-66.4/YARDS-4,045/TD-27/INT-12/RATING-92.8

"Better Get The Shark Repellent Robin"

This time of year is when all NFL teams are super bowl bound. There is optimism throughout the NFL. Expectations are high and everyone is feeling great about the upcoming season. Fans are no different, we all are guilty of feeding into this practice, myself included.


If you watched the original Batman TV series in the 1950's then you know how absolutely silly all those quotes were. How unbelievable is "Shark Repellent" and "A Canary With A Machine Gun"? This however is not fiction my friends. This is by far the biggest reason for optimism for the upcoming NFL season concerning the Miami Dolphins:

If you read my last post, you already know my opinion of how the offseason has went so far, if you haven't read it, please do, it's titled "A Very Interesting Offseason So Far". I touched on Ryan Tannehill a little bit in that post but this absolutely blew my mind when it was brought to my attention:

"Player A" is Aaron Rodgers' stat line from his 4th year in the NFL which was the first year he was the starter the entire season after being Brett Favre's backup.

"Player B" is Ryan Tannehill's stat line from his 3rd year in the NFL, (last season), in which he was the starter since his rookie season. 


What the hell? Who would have guessed?! That my friends gives us a HUGE reason for optimism this upcoming season.

There I go again, feeding the optimism...

Phins Up!!

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I've been a Tannehill supporter from day one and I've said it once and I'll say it again: When Tannehill will be the #1 QB in the AFC East when Brady retires, if not sooner. I'd love for him to take the division BEFORE Brady leaves so that Pats fans won't be able to use his retirement as an excuse.

Tannehill has a deep ball least in training camp. Hasn't used it in a preseason game but he hasn't needed to. But if the training camps are any indication of things to come, Tannehill is going to have a BIG year.


Excellent Point!