Sunday, August 30, 2015

Minority owner Serena Williams on the Miami Dolphins

Serena was interviewed in NY mag this week and had an amusing quote.

> They [the Williamses] never nailed the rehearsed humility, never mastered the stone-faced just-want-to-do-my-best-so-grateful-for-the-opportunity-thanks-to-all-my-amazing-fans act calibrated to negate the possibility of an athlete's interiority. Serena answers most questions with mischievous half-statements, eyebrows raised over a good-natured ironic side-eye. On her eventual retirement: "I will finally be able to make some Miami Dolphin games," she says, laughing, "and make some, uh, better decisions down there with the players."

Yes, I'm sure that would be true.
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