Thursday, July 09, 2015

Ken Stabler

Yeah he played for the raiders. And yeah he's the guy who ended the Dolphins run.

But about 30 years ago (that would be a decade after he beat the fins), snake wrote a book called (shockingly) snake. And he was doing a book signing at a bookstore in Miami.

A friend and I decided to go and see him, buy a book, and have it signed.

He was gracious, and fun to talk with. My friend and I wound up hanging around the book signing for the better part of an hour listening to stories and asking questions.

I developed a respect for the guy because he didn't hate *my* team. He just wanted to win. And he knew a surprising amount about the fins, and other teams in the NFL.

It's funny how sometimes meeting someone can change your point of view and that meeting can stick with you.

RIP snake.
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I met him too when he was in training camp with the Saints in Vero Beach. I walked out of the bleachers and right up to him as he was heading in after practice. He was so gracious that he made me feel like the most important person in his life. I was totally thrown off guard by his demeanor for a guy known as "Snake". Coud've been "Teddy Bear"

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To be completely honest....I felt cheated by that last play back in '75. I was devastated. For weeks, I mourned the loss, then soon after, I mourned the loss of 3 of our best players. We would have won 5 SBs in the 70s had they stayed.