Friday, June 05, 2015

Games People Play

Well we just got hit with our first unforeseen injury of the preseason as Caleb Sturgis is out with a quad injury from playing kick ball.

I can't imagine he hurt it actually kicking the ball.  I bet he did it on the base paths trying to avoid getting beaned and put out.

You know, one of those quick stops between bases.  When you have big muscles, they can tear or pull very easily with just the proper amount of stress.  The old fighting the momentum of moving forward while stopping on your tippee toes.

I am curious to hear how this happened.  Please, just a few words Coach.

Had they played tiddlywinks instead, I am sure we could have come away unscathed.  Unless someone got a hang nail or sprained their thumb pushing down on the table.

I understand why teams do these activities.  They want to break the tension of training camp and have some good old fashioned fun while building team unity.

I don't blame the staff for playing kick ball.  Its just a little embarrassing to lose a guy for most of the preseason while playing a kid's game.

Thank God it wasn't Ryan Tannehill or Brent Grimes or Ndamukong Suh or Cameron Wake or any other very important player.  That would have been killer.

As far as I am concerned, Sturgis was expendable.  Shake any tree and ten kickers fall out.

Thank God they weren't playing football on the cafeteria table with a triangle folded piece of paper as a football and on a long field goal through his opponents finger goal posts someone took an eye out.  That would have been super embarrassing.

Or if Jordan Cameron got beaned in the head playing punch ball while running to first base and wound up with a concussion.  Those little red utility balls were weapons of mass destruction.

My old gym teacher would pitch and when he caught your feeble grounder back to the box he would yell "Don't stop running!".  And when you were just a half step from first base you would hear the swish of the ball immediately before it ripped into that fleshy part of your thigh causing immediate and lasting pain.   

We have all heard plenty of tales of guys blowing knees and ankles out in pick up basketball games.  Or even players falling down their own stairs in the comfort of their own homes and losing valuable time.

And when I hear about any other team losing a guy for the season in their first OTA, I pray we don't experience the same.  I actually do pray this.

Injuries are part of football and they are much more accepted when they do occur actually playing football. 

Is there any activity that doesn't come with some sort of risk?  I don't think so.  I am about to increase my odds of getting carpal tunnel syndrome just typing this post out.

Lets just hope, against all odds, that Sturgis' injury is the extent of our concerns this preseason.  Lets hope that the tide of misfortune has turned out to sea in Miami.  Never to return.

And before you pick up that wiffle ball and try to strike out your neighbor's kid in the back yard, remember to warm up.  After all, even us Dolfans can find it quite embarrassing explaining to our doctors "I set the kid up with a low rising fast ball but I heard a pop when I tried to drop the curve ball onto the lawn chair strike zone."

Phins Up!!!

Carl Leone
Dolfan since 12/25/1971
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