Saturday, May 02, 2015

So Close Yet So Far Yet So Huge

Let me borrow Ryan Tannehill's favorite phrase in order to describe our second round pick in tonight's NFL Draft: "Its huge".

And if you think I am kidding, try to describe a 6-6, 330 lb DT with any other words.

As I followed the second round of the draft, I was hoping, almost praying, that either Mississippi State's Bednardrick McKinney or UCLA's Eric Kendricks, both LBs, would fall into our laps at pick #47.

Both would fill a need. Both would also be good value picks. Both would be upgrades to our defense and its ability to stuff the run.

But at pick #43, the Texans traded up with the Browns and selected McKinney.


Ok. Still hope for Kendricks. Now I am praying.

Then at pick #45, the devilish Vikings broke my spiritual meditation and selected Kendricks.

"Why Lord? Did I do something wrong? Am I not deserving?"

Wait! Denzel Perryman, out of Miami, is still on the board.

 Ok. He can fit the bill. There is still hope.

Nope. Trade back.


Now I gotta sweat out 5 more picks.


Then they announce we get Philly's two 5th round picks.


We just traded our 2nd round and 6th round picks for two 5th round picks?

Did they let Ireland back in the war room?


Nope. They correctly state we also get pick #52. And that was after a good two minutes, even on the ticker.

Finally, we are on the clock and behold Dwight Stephenson:  "With the 52nd pick, the Miami Dolphins select Jordan Phillips, DT, Oklahoma".

You have got to be kidding me.

And when Perryman goes with the next pick....WTF!

But after I calm down and thought it through: We needed a LB to help stuff the run. With Phillips and Ndamukong Suh at DT, we may not even need a ILB.


Good call Hickey!

It won't matter who is at ILB. They just got better.

 And so did we.

Phins Up!!!

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The act of prayer seems a little odd for people with belief in a god who is supposed to be impassible, omniscient and omnibenevolent. Clearly an omniscient god would already be aware of your problems and know what you want. Ultimately, your request may be regarded by God as either good or evil. If it is good, then why would God not have granted your wishes already? If it is evil, then why would God ever grant your request?

"Now, you come along, and pray for something. Well suppose the thing you want isn't in God's Divine Plan? What do you want Him to do? Change His plan? Just for you? Doesn't it seem a little arrogant? It's a Divine Plan. What's the use of being God if every run-down schmuck with a two-dollar prayerbook can come along and fuck up Your Plan?"— George Carlin


thanks dude i always get a kick out of pretentious psudo psycho babble that attempts to sway other peoples deeply held views in an attempt to boost ones own self esteem. its always good for a chuckle


Haha Croc. And I am not calling you one. I just happen to remember that bit by Carlin.

I am sure there is a Divine Plan. Just as there is a plan for me to get to the super market and get food. But I have many ways of getting to that super market and getting food. I could walk, drive, ride a bike, ask a friend for a ride, then go right or left out my development and stop at CVS or the shoe store or get gas (if in a car), etc, etc

I do not believe every detail is set in stone in God's plan otherwise why grant us free will.


I hope you are referring to Croc.


LB..,.if on your board you have 10plus players that all rate the same and half them might not get drafted, why waste the pick....Last year Miami I believe had its best draft in 20 years....the fruit is still getting ripe....this year we will find out about McCain and maybe Tripp....McCain is a high energy player who may turn into Miami's best find last year...You need 4 good DT, this draft gives players like Misi and McCain the chance to shine....should be fun


Yes I was, I had hit reply, but then needed to log in, then it all went south from there.


I agree completely gasnotoil. It is all a crap shoot anyway, but given Jordan Phillips size and the fact he will be surrounded in the DL room by plenty of top notch veterans, I cannot fathom him not succeeding in the league.


No worries Ken. Glad to have your input.


I'm fine with Miami not taking a LB in this draft. This was not a good draft for the LB position and Miami went with the "BPA" strategy and built more depth. To be a good team, you need an identity. Miami has not had one. They've been trying to hard to be good at every position and be balanced and that doesn't usually work. It looks to me like Miami is trying to finally build an identity. And that identity is "QBs fear us, for we have a bad-ass DL."


Death to those who take snaps!

Off with their heads!

I think you're right Jeremy.