Monday, May 11, 2015

4 Games For The Golden Boy...

Are you as disappointed as I am?

This 4 game suspension for Brady is a joke. In my honest opinion, it should have been for the entire season.

He got caught cheating and refused to provide his phone or emails or anything to clear is so called "innocent" name. Why do you think he didn't?!

If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, has a beak like a duck then it DEFINITELY IS NOT A CHICKEN!

Look at it this way, goal posts are 18.5 feet apart, if a kicker kicks 5 field goals right down the middle in a game but it turns out the goal post was 19 feet apart did they gain a competitive advantage? Probably not, BUT THEY STILL CHEATED! Does it make it OK? Apparently so...

The deflated balls did not matter much in the Colts game, but what about the Baltimore playoff game the week before? That was a close one. Would the Patsies even have been in the super bowl this passed year?

A 4 game suspension is a joke. I also think it's ironic that he is coming back to play the Colts, which just so happens to be the team who busted his deflated balls. Can you say ratings anyone???!

Then of course you have the 1 million dollar fine to Robert Kraft. Why even fine him that? He probably donates more than that to charity to write off in taxes. I would have much rather seen another significant draft pick taken rather than that lousy fine. 

All this being said, what did we all honestly expect though? Brady is the golden boy of the NFL. Greg Hardy was put on some sort of disciplinary action by the NFL and missed an entire season before he was even proven guilty or innocent. Brady was proven of guilt as well as trying to cover it up but he gets 4 games and still gets to practice and participate in team activities. What a joke. 

Sean Payton got suspended by the NFL for bounty gate and he had no clue of what was going on, but Belicheat gets off Scott free? Mr. Goodell is on record stating that ..."ignorance is not an excuse", That's great Mr. Goodell, keep up the biased, ahem, I mean "good" work...

I say we have a rookie tell the ball boy rub butter on all the opposing teams footballs, claim innocence, let the rookie take a suspension, have Mr. Ross pay some pocket change to the NFL and call it a day after we win the super bowl! 

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Haha Lawrence.

They did forfeit two draft picks: 2016 1st round and 2017 4th round.

But Brady will appeal and try to limit to 2 game suspension.


It warms my heart to read about sanctions levied on the Patriots! Unfortunately, it's peanuts.

Kraft got fined less than one-thousandth of his net worth. You and I get fined much more than that for a traffic violation!

Losing a first round pick is merely window dressing. Where did they pick in 2015? Dead last, 32nd, and they're favored again this season! Small potatoes.

Brady. The Golden Boy. Arrogance personified. Cheater. Nixon-esque. Four games? Can I have an order of fries with that? :)


The draft picks don't matter in my opinion. Nobody knows where they are gonna pick and nobody knows how deep or shallow the draft will be. Anything less than a season long suspension is inadequate and I base this off of what the commissioner has shown so far with punishments, not just my hatred for the cheaters. It is just plain unfair and unjust. Brady is close to retirement, what does he care if he cheats again just to get one more super bowl? What is the commish gonna do? Make his pal Kraft pay some more pocket change and get a so called "suspension"? Lol, it is just plain ridiculous but I am not surprised by the Leniancy of the NFL towards the Patsies. If it were the Raiders, they would have kicked them out of the league!


Bottom line in the end Brady still has that Super Bowl ring. Any player would trade 4 games for that.


yep the punishment is a small price to pay for a super bowl ring. Brady refused to turn over his phone where the real smoking gun is hiding.


Now the patsies say "the deflator" was referring to weight loss. This is a joke. The NFL has officially started to self destruct because of their politics...