Thursday, April 30, 2015

With the 14th pick the Miami Dolphins select...

John Bazemore/ Associated Press
Todd Gurley. About a month ago I didn't see the Dolphins selecting Gurley, there were still questions about his health and it was uncertain when exactly he would be healthy after tearing his ACL. Now however there are reports that could be good to go for the season opener. Before I saw the Dolphins selecting a receiver, but with Jennings signing we can afford to wait and just pick the best player available. This is why I believe Gurley will be the pick later tonight. There are numerous people who believe that if he did not get injured last season he would have been a top 5 pick and some say he is the best running back prospect since Adrian Peterson.

Running back isn't a big need for us but if the Dolphin's medical staff believe he will be healthy and back to his normal self, I think you have to make the pick. Gurley play style is more of a physical back who can wear defenses down. With Miller sharing part of the load, it should give us a good one-two combo. It should help Tannehill relieve some of the pressure and keep defenses guessing. I believe the game is changing a little bit now where running backs are becoming more valuable as teams are trying to stop the increased passing.

Now the arguments against this pick is that running backs do not last long in this league and by their late 20s they start to decline, however Gurley is still only 20 years old. Many also believe that a quality running back can be found in later rounds, which is something I don't disagree with. That along with Gurley's risk with his injury make me second guess this pick. However Gurley has really high potential and could be a top 5 running back in the league in a few years. If not Gurley, I would think the Dolphins stay with offense with either a receiver or a not so sexy pick such as an offensive guard. However this is just speculation, there is only a few more hours until we know the truth.
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Gurley is not only big but he also has sprinter speed Richard. At least when he was healthy. He is a beast to contain and can move the pile too. He may be the best RB ever if he could get to his pre-injury self.

My question becomes how will it affect him mentally. If he is close to his top physical condition, he would be better than most backs anyway.

Tough call, since we could wind up with a top WR or CB or OL or DE staring us in the face.

I think we will trade back to the low 20's and still get a need filled with a very good player. This draft class is very deep at WR and RB. There is plenty of mid-round CB value. I think we can get our OL, WR and LB solved with 3 picks from 20 to 57 by trading down if we find a trade partner. Then try to trade up into the third for a CB with our 4th and one of our 5th picks. Finally grab a TE and RB in 5th and 6th. The TE position is not very deep.


He is an all around good back. Not sure of his pass protection though. Usually that is something rookie running back backs struggle with in the beginning. We can go pretty much anywhere with this draft, so it is exciting to see what the from office does.


Yes Richard cannot wait to hear "Miami is on the clock".