Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Dion Jordan Suspended....Whatever

File this under the "so, what else is new?" column.

I thought he was suspended anyway!

Was he even on the field last year? Was he expected to be this year?

Well, at the very least, he can get together with his buddy Jeff Ireland a lot more now.

A couple things bother me about this situation.

#1...Who did or didn't do the due diligence to vet this guy when he was drafted?

#2...What is it that makes these suddenly rich kids to decide to just blow their careers completely up?

I don't get either one. I am sorry.

He had plenty of talent but he either didn't get it or his coaches didn't get him to get it.

Something got lost in the translation.

Yeah, we could have drafted different players who would have been much more productive.

Every team can say that.

Well, thank God he wasn't a super productive kid that, given his talent, this situation would have just driven us all nuts.

No. Unfortunately for both us and Jordan, he never lived up to his billing.

And as such...whatever.

Phins Up!!!

Carl Leone
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Its obvious that all parties involved new about this weeks ago. That is why front office wouldn't talk about him last week and announced their revelation about wanting to players that loved football. They had to vent their frustrations some how since they most likely had a gag order not to release info yet.


The only real changes for the dolphins is the way the fan base perceives the reason he was not on the field more.


I pray this young man can clean up and find grace in his life.


Well I guess Ted Ginn isn't our biggest draft bust of the last 20 years anymore. I've had enough of Dion Jordan. I don't respect any player who puts smoking weed above a multi-million dollar NFL career. Every player willing to do this deserves to be banned for life. But then again I have a VERY low tolerance for stupidity.


The Dolphins are heavy at DE. He was not given a chance! This coaching staff didn't give him a chance. Once he gets out of his own way, he is going to be a superstar for some other team. Probably the cheatriots!!!


You may be right Chris. Excellent point.


Ken, I just don't believe he fit our system. I think he would have been better served in a 3-4 front.


Amen Jonathan, amen.


Maybe Ginn sold him the stash.


Hector, he just wasn't strong enough to play DE. OTs would get their paws on him and toss him around like a rag doll.


For Jordan, a sad waste of talent. For the 'Fins, a sad waste of a draft pick.


Well put chewee2k. Couldn't have said it better.


Jeremy and Jessica,
Ted Ginn is still playing, as far as I know.
Look up Eric Kumerow and John Bosa.
They are far more "bust" than Ginn


Wow Steve...you are dating yourself



Right, that's why I'm saying Jordan is the new biggest bust of the last 20 years. We traded up to get him with the 3rd overall pick and he has done nothing be get into trouble. Think of all the players we COULD have gotten instead of him. We could have not even traded up and gotten a more productive player than Jordan has been.


You are so right Jeremy.