Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Craziest Miami Dolphins Schedule I Have Ever Seen!

Just when I thought I had seen everything in 57 years of life.

Just when I thought it was safe to go back in the water.

The NFL scheduling shark swam up and took a good chunk of my butt with him.

For starters, no home game at 1 PM until October 25th. That's week 7!

There goes our heat advantage.

I understand that we wanted to start on the road because we wanted to make sure we had time to have the stadium renovations in place.

BUUUTTT...In the first 10 weeks of the schedule we have only 2 games in SunLife Stadium. Part of that is due to hosting the Jets in London in week 4 and then the Bye in week 5.

Hello! What does the NFL have against us? Please just come out and tell us so we can apologize and then we can all move on from there.

A 7 week stretch from week 6 through week 12 with a total of 5 road games. Those road games are at the Titans, Patriots, Bills, Eagles and Jets. With the middle 3 in a row! In 18 Days!

Its tough enough to win in this league with an alternating schedule but we may have to come out of camp as the greatest road warrior team ever just to stay in the hunt this season.

We do get 2 night games: Thursday October 29th at the Pats and Monday December 14th hosting the Giants.

We do get Breakfast at Wimbledon on October 4th at 9:30 AM with our home game against the Jets in London. That should be fun to watch at church with the choir singing "Be not afraid".

On the positive side, we should actually be able to open up with 2 road wins at the Skins on September 13th and then at the Jags on September 20th.

We have no cold weather games in December as San Diego is our only away game in the last 5 games.

And in November, we have 3 games on the road in the Northeast with all starting at 1 PM. So we may not need any parkas this season.

But we finish home against the 2 AFC Championship teams from last year, the Colts on December 27th and the Pats in the New Year on January 3rd.

The Colts, we can beat. The Pats, we will have to beat.

We do get 4 home games out of the last 5: Baltimore, Giants, at San Diego, Colts and Pats.  On second look, that's not that great a consolation.

Oh well, we knew going in that this was going to be a tough schedule with the division cross over games with the NFC East and AFC South.  But those divisions are saying the same thing.

So here it is in case you haven't read it elsewhere (all times EST):

Week 1: 9/13 at Skins 1 PM
Week 2: 9/20 at Jags 4:05 PM
Week 3: 9/27 Bills 4:25 PM
Week 4: 10/4 Jets in London 9:30 AM
Week 5: BYE
Week 6: 10/18 at Titans 1 PM
Week 7: 10/25 Texans 1 PM
Week 8: 10/29 at Pats Thursday Night 8:15 PM
Week 9: 11/8 at Bills 1 PM
Week 10: 11/15 at Eagles 1 PM
Week 11: 11/22 Cowboys 1 PM
Week 12: 11/29 at Jets 1 PM
Week 13: 12/6 Ravens 1 PM
Week 14: 12/14 Giants on Monday Night at 8:30 PM
Week 15: 12/20 at Chargers 4:25 PM
Week 16: 12/27 Colts 1 PM
Week 17: 1/3 Pats 1 PM

Phins Up!!!

Carl Leone
Dolfan since 12/25/1971
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It's simple Carl. Just remember what Al Davis use to say; " just win baby" ! When Miami start winning, like they use too back in the day; then the respect will come. So now you can see what throwing for a bunch of meaningless yards with that dink and dunk system will get you in this league; " no respect",


Dave, we got to get out of this mediocrity rut we are in.


Dave. Why can't u shut up about tannehill, already. U don't know what u are talking about.


LOL Mike!

He actually didn't mention Tannehill. I think he was complaining about the offense in general.

What say you Dave? Are you receptive to RT as our QB?


I'm actually excited about this schedule Carl. Let me explain why:

We have 5 games against weaker opponents to start our schedule. Yes, LOTS of road games. 7 of the first 9. BUT....wouldn't you rather have our weaker opponents on the road and have home field advantage against most of our tougher opponents? That's what we have this year. I think we can start 5-0. But then we could easily start losing a lot as our 6th game is against Houston, who we have never beaten. I believe the game at home against the Texans will define our season. If we can FINALLY beat those guys, that will say a lot about the Fins this season.

Here is my WAY TOO EARLY season prediction. Game by game. This is based on the idea that we will draft DeVante Parker and also address the LB and G positions before week 1:

Week 1: Sunday, Sept. 13, at Washington, 1 p.m. - Washington is a mess. This is a great game to start the season. Win here and game some early confidence and momentum. 1-0

Week 2: Sunday, Sept. 20, at Jacksonville, 4:05 p.m. - Another game we should win. This is barely even a road game. There will be plenty of Dolphins fans at this one and it's a short trip. Jacksonville has been quietly building a decent roster in the FA, but they aren't quite ready to compete just yet. Another confidence builder. 2-0

Week 3: Sunday, Sept. 27, Buffalo, 4:25 p.m. - This is the first game I'm worried about, but Buffalo still has no QB and with all the changes on the team, I don't think they'll have it all together enough yet to beat us at home. 3-0

Week 4: Sunday, Oct. 4, N.Y. Jets, 9:30 a.m. - Is there a team with more experience in London than the Dolphins? We know how to manage this trip and win this one. I'm expecting the Jets to be a mess this year with all the changes. They'll be a contender eventually, but not this year. 4-0

Week 5: BYE - Going into a bye at 4-0. Lots of momentum and now we rest before...

Week 6: Sunday, Oct. 18, at Tennessee, 1 p.m. - This is a perfect game to play out of the bye week. Tennessee still has way too many issues on the team. Another win and now we have 4 of our road games in the books. 5-0

Week 7: Sunday, Oct. 25, Houston, 1 p.m. - We will be due a loss at this point and as much as my heart says we are going to finally put the Texans down, my brain says they will be too much on defense for us. It'll all come down to QB play in this one. At least we have a much better QB. I actually think we can win this one, but I'm going to be conservative and take a loss here. 5-1

Week 8: Thursday, Oct. 29, at New England, 8:25 p.m. - This one will be interesting. Playing at NE early is a huge advantage for us because it won't be cold there yet. If we ever had a chance to beat NE at home, this is it. They're roster is weakened and ours is stronger.....They're still going to win though...damn it. 5-2

Week 9: Sunday, Nov. 8, at Buffalo, 1 p.m. - Buffalo will get revenge. We aren't sweeping them. 5-3


Week 10: Sunday, Nov. 15, at Philadelphia, 1 p.m. - I don't know what to think of the Eagles right now. They could be a brilliant team or a total disaster. I'll be conservative here and take a loss. 5-4

Week 11: Sunday, Nov. 22, Dallas, 1 p.m. - We match up shockingly well against Dallas and Suh gave them nightmares in the playoffs. Our defensive line might ACTUALLY kill Tony Romo in this one. I think we'll win a BIG one at home. 6-4

Week 12: Sunday, Nov. 29, at N.Y. Jets, 1 p.m. - I think we will sweep the Jets this year. This is not the Rex Ryan coached Jets team. They will not rebound from all that has happened in one season. Our defense is going to own the Jets this year. 7-4

Week 13: Sunday, Dec. 6, Baltimore, 1 p.m. - The Ravens at home again. I think our improved defense will be the difference maker. The Ravens will not be able to get much going offensively and we will do just a LITTLE BIT better offensively. That's what I WANT to believe. And it makes sense. We SHOULD be a better team than the Ravens this year. But....I thought that last season. We lose again! 7-5

Week 14: Monday, Dec. 14, N.Y. Giants, 8:30 p.m. - All we have to do is contain Beckham...or put Eli on his ass all day long. That shouldn't be hard for our D-line. 8-5

Week 15: Sunday, Dec. 20, at San Diego, 4:25 p.m. - The QB doesn't even want to play for SD anymore. Neither does Weddle. SD could be a mess by this point if not sooner. We will take advantage and beat them again. 9-5

Week 16: Sunday, Dec. 27, Indianapolis, 1 p.m. - I believe we CAN win this one, but I don't think we will. It's just about time for Andrew Luck to rule the AFC. It will happen. We'll put up a hell of a fight, but Indi may have the best record in the AFC by this point and may be playing for home field advantage. 9-6

Week 17: Sunday, Jan. 3, New England, 1 p.m. - This is it. This is where we find out how far Miami has come as a team. Win and we're in. Lose and we're probably out. Miami finally shows that they can get the job done when the pressure is on. Suh and wake terrorize Brady, Tannehill exploits the weakened NE defense, and we win a wildcard spot and carry a ton of momentum into the playoffs. 10-6

I'll even go as far to say we'll win our first playoff game, because it will most likely be against Cincinnati and we match up very well against them. Then we lose in the next round. But how could any Fins fan not be happy with a season like that?


Hey Mike Looser, how did you know that I was talking about Tannehill?


Lol David because you bash Tannehill in nearly EVERY post you make. It's easy to assume. Although I actually assumed this time that you were talking about the play calling by our coaches. You've never hesitated to drop RT's name in the past so why would you now?


Carl; you have to be kidding me! Tannehill and his kissing buddy,; Philbert, have to go. Tannehill will continue to fool his fans on first and second down; and Tannehill will continue to kill us and blow games on 3rd and 4th down. I will hold to my prediction; that I made 3 years ago; "we will NEVER make the playoffs as long as Tannehill is our starting QB. I have been right for 3 years running and 4 years when this season is over. Hopefully, Tannehill and Philbert will be eaten by a pack of space gerbils visiting earth before the off season is over. In this way Josh Freeman and Matt Moore can take us to the promised land.


Jeremy & Jessica; I do not dislike Tannehill. I have assessed all of our QBs, post Marino. If Tannehill could throw the deep ball accurately, I would not have anything bad to say about him; but without the deep ball; all of Tannehill's other deficiencies stand out. Chad Henne could throw the deep ball accurately; but he crumbled mentally when the heat was on. I am fair and accurate in my assessments. It's not personal; just business. Perhaps, I will be compensated for all of my helpful commentaries!


David but what do you think about Pennington? He had one of the weakest arms ever and lead us to the playoffs. He also led the Jets to many winning seasons and had a very nice career QBR. Brady has a decent deep ball but he never has to use it. He picks teams apart with dink and dunk passes all the time. So does Manning, which is why all his slot receivers get concussions all the time. He hasn't had a deep ball since his neck surgery. This list of great QBs who either can't/don't throw the deep ball goes on and on.

I agree that seeing RT develop a good deep pass would be amazing. I just don't think it's necessary to win SBs in this league.

Also, Freeman is a waste of space. I can't believe we are giving money to this PROVEN failure. At least RT progresses each year. Freeman is a bust. How is there any doubt of that at this point?


Well done Jeremy: I see that you put a lot of thought and effort into your schedule post. I hope you are right and we do win that playoff game.

I believe in order to get there Hickenbaum will need to hit 4 HRs next weekend by drafting a WR, CB, LB and OG who can contribute immediately. Not maybe have to start but certainly contribute.

Well, well Dave: It didn't take you very long to start your Anti Tannehill Rant. I was hoping you would at least let him play a game first. So far, you have been correct about not making the playoffs but I dare to say that I don't belive we didn't make the playoffs last year because RT missed a wide open receiver for a TD that would have gotten us into the playoffs. I believe we missed the playoffs because we just didn't stop enough teams late in the game down the stretch.

Jeremy: Freema is on the roster now until the final cuts. We need some vet to run the O in the second half of those preseason games so that we can get a good look at our depth players and not punt every 4 plays. Also, let him get killed.


Jeremy & Jessica , first of all, we did not make the playoffs because of Pennington; we made the playoffs despite him. However, Pennington was not a liability on top of not being able to throw the deep ball. Pennington rarely made a bad play or threw an interception. This why he was an above average QB despite having a weak arm. The "wildcat" play, with Ronnie, Bobby Ricky and Mike; is the reason that we made the playoffs in 2008. By the way; I designed the wildcat play; not David Lee. I sent 10 plays to the Dolphins's coaches back in 2005, that guaranteed a first down; no matter how good the opposing defenses are. One of my ten plays is the wildcat. The team's agent, Stu Weinstein promised me that if my plays were effective, that I would be compensated for them. I am sure that you remember how effective that one play was. No one could stop it. I was not compensated. That regimen stole my play and the fame that was due to me. Now the entire league is using all of my other plays. I have my 10 plays copyrighted. They are called: ( 10 plays 10 firstdowns - AFD) The secretary that I dealt with was Brook Greene. She can confirm everything that I am telling you. Stu Weinstein lied to me. He is the one that took the plays from Brook Greene and apparently took credit for my work.
Now, back to the other two Qbs that you mentioned; they both throw deep balls even now. You need to go on youtube and type in deep passes by Tom Brady and Peyton Manning. You cannot win in this league without the deep ball.


Carl, the Kink in Tannehill's armor are: he often fails on 3rd and 4th down; and he cannot throw the deep ball accurately.
Let me explain how damaging this is to our team, by proposing an analogy. When you are boxing another boxer and that opposing boxer KNOWS that you cannot knock him out; (knockout represents the deep ball), then the opposing boxer can intensify his attack conducive to winning with basic technique because you cannot knock him out. If a boxer cannot knock his opponent out, this fact leans in favor of the challenger.


I understand Dave. Your analogy was very good. This deep ball issue with Tannehill is just a mental thing if anything. He has the arm to do it. A few times last year he was moving and then he didn't compensate for his body movement and the ball drifted on him and led Wallace out of bounds. Other times he couldn't step up correctly with the pressure in his face. I think he irons this out. I cannot imagine that a guy as athletic as he is won't ever be able to lead a receiver deep.

And Dave, have you spoke with an attorney regarding your copyright infringement? I would think that the team and the league would settle with you rather than have to defend the lawsuit. You should look into it. Other teams use the wildcat.


Carl, I had my attorney call the dolphins and then the attorney for the NFL called me up and demanded that I stop saying that I designed the 10 plays that also included the wildcat, which I copyrighted to prove me being the inventor of the wildcat and several other plays that are being used by several teams in college and the NFL. So, the NFL attorney kept telling me that I was not old enough to have designed those plays. When I told him about my copyright date as proof; then he kept saying; "the NFL does not buy plays. That is why we hire offensive coordinators. They design their owns plays". So I said: " I know that; but my plays are special. They were designed to guarantee a first down when Miami is playing an evenly matched team or a team that is better than they are". Then I told him what Stu Wienstein had promised me that if the plays were effective, that I would be compensated. So, the attorney for the NFL said again: "we do not buy plays"! By the way Carl, I contacted an old coach in confidence, who had been around football for a long time. I told him that I have 10 unique plays that will guarantee a first down and a touchdown. He said: " David, I am going to be straight with you. The chances of you designing plays that have not already been designed before are next to impossible." So, I said: "I promise you that you have not seen any of these plays before." Then he said: "ok, send them to me and I will let you know if I have seen any of them before. So after I sent them to him in secrecy; he called me back and was laughing when he said it. He said: " David, I did not think that it was possible, but I have never seen these plays before, at any level of football; and I have spent over 40 years around high school, college and the NFL. Your plays are truly unique". Then I thanked him and later contacted the Dolphins and Stu Wienstein. I told Stu Wienstein the same thing. Then I told him that I want the dolphins to use these plays because they will help Miami to defeat everyone and go to the Superbowl. Then I said that I want to be compensated for these plays if they work as I said. Then Stu Wienstein said: "ok. if they plays are effective then you will be compensated. So, I sent him the plays. Then he looked them over, Then he replied; "ok, I will pass them on to the coaches and then I will be in touch with you." Well, the Dolphins finally tried one of my plays; they called it "the wildcat". When the dolphins used the "wildcat" for the first time against the Patriots; they destroyed the Patriots (2008). Then I contacted Stu Wienstein about the victory. Then he said: "yeah that "wildcat" play was very effective. Then I said: " so when will I be compensated"? Then Stu Wienstein said: "what do you mean? David Lee designed that "Wildcat" play. Then I said: "he did not. I did; and I have copyrighted all 10 of those plays that I sent you". Then he said: "well sue me". Thus, this is where we are now. Carl; the Dolphin's thief could be why they can't make it back to the playoffs. You know we all will reap what we have sown. So, if the Dolphins want to return to relevancy, then they had better compensate me.
By the way, Carl, as I have said before; "I can teach Tannehill to throw the deep ball within ONE WEEK.; but I must be compensated".


Wow, great story. What attorney from the NFL and which Dolphin's coach did you speak with? Do you have the actual copyright available or did you do a "poor man's copyright"?

If you can document your claim, I would love to do a story on this.


Carl, I do have the copyright at the library of congress; I can send you a copy of my copyright certificate and my manuscript of the 10 plays. I also have the full conversation with Brook Green and Stu Wienstein in a safe place. I started with Cam Cameron in 2007. I sent one play that is impossible to defend; with no response. Then I tried again in the spring of 2008 with Sparano and Bill Parcels. I was directed to Stu Wienstein by Brook Green as the mediator for the coaches. Perhaps your participation will cause me to get some compensation. I have all of the proof necessary in this case. How can I contact you? (email, phone, mail)


OMG David Apollos, thank you for making me laugh on this very rough work day. I do so hope you get the compensation that you are looking for. If this does occur maybe they would give you the opportunity to fix the deep ball that Tannehill has had some trouble with, with compensation of course!


Ray; of course! ( and I GUARANTEE that Tannehill will be throwing the deep ball within one week ACCURATELY; if I am hired and compensated) barring that he is nearsighted or farsighted. If it is mental or mechanics; then I can repair him; rebuild him and make him better faster and stronger; (Lee Majors - six million dollar man slogan) I am serious though!


Email is fine. Carldleone@aol.com


I think this could be a great story.


BTW...what does everyone think of our schedule?

That is, or was, the point of this post


Carl I will get all of my documents together and send them to you soon. I am looking forward to it. thanks


Well, I would have to say about our schedule; that it all comes down to how many games you win in the first eight games. Most teams that make the playoffs usually win 6 or 7 of their first eight games. Then all that team has to do is win 3 or 4 of the second eight games. Our schedule affords us a chance to get off to a 6-2 or 7-1 start. However, we have to score a lot of points in every game. We have to have that mentality in EVERY game; also scoring as many points in the first half as possible. The first half has to be played like it was the 4th quarter. If we do this, we will make the playoffs.


All right Dave! So we can do it. I hope we keep teams to under 20 points and then we can score our avg and get into the playoffs.

Signing Jennings allows us to draft a top CB in first round.


Carl Please check your email for confirmation before I send the documents. thanks