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This is a look at Suh's stats against the AFC East, every one of which the Lions played last season. They went 2-2, losing to the Pats and Bills.

1 fumble recovery, 1 offsides and 1 facemask.

13 tackles, 11 solo. Against the Dolphins - 4 tackles, 3 solo.

7 tackles were for loss, 3 against the Dolphins.

5 qb hits, 3 of them against the Dolphins.

Suh had 1 sack, yep... against the Dolphins.

It can be argued that the Pats, Bills and Jets had better offensive lines than the Dolphins, who had the NFL's 2nd-best rush yards per attempt offensive line. Yet, the Dolphins couldn't neutralize Suh.

I hadn't intended to go here, but it could also be looked at as Suh against Belichick, Ryan, Schwartz and Coyle.

Then, I checked out Suh against the NFL's 3 best offensive lines in rushing yards/att., negative pass plays allowed and third down conversions. In order, they were New Orleans, Green Bay and Dallas.

Suh faced the Packers twice:

9 tackles, 7 solo, 2 tackles for loss, 2 qb hits, 1 sack, 1 pass defensed, 1 offsides.

and New Orleans:

2 tackles, 1 solo, 1 qb hit, .5 sack, 1 pass defensed, 1 offsides.

Detroit split with the Packers and beat the Saints.

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He doesn't have superb numbers but can you look at how the MLBs did behind Suh in those games. He was probably double teamed and also how did those teams do running the ball (total and yards/attempt).

That would say a lot if the totals and yards/attempt were much lower than their averages. He may factor into the total effort.

Or he may not.


Carl, what's up, bro? You must think:
a) I'm a stats nut
b) you enjoy sending me on followup chases
c) I don't have a life
d) all of the above

I refuse to answer on the grounds... :)

On a quick look, OLB DeAndre Levy was 2nd in the league in tackles. MLB Tahir Whitehead was 62nd.

OK, running the ball...

avg 4.5 Jets 132 yds on 27 att for 4.9 a pop
avg 3.7 Bills 49 yds on 22 att for 2.2
avg 4.7 Dolphins 50 yds on 19 att for 2.6
avg 3.9 Patriots 90 yds on 20 att for 4.5

avg 4.4 Pack at Det 76 yds on 22 att for 3.5
Det at Pack 152 yds on 38 att for 4.0

avg 4.5 NO at Det 73 yds on 21 att for 3.5

Side note: Det FS Quin Glover led the league with 7 Int