Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Pats Lose Revis To Jets. Are They Moving In On Suh?

$20 Million saved by Pats by not resigning Revis. The Jets wound up paying $70 Million for a 5 year deal to bring back Revis.

The Dolphins have supposed to have agreed to terms with Suh for just under $20 Million per year.

The Pats need a DT as Wilfork was released.

As of this posting, the Dolphins have made no announcement on Suh's deal being a done deal.

You do the math.

Phins Up!!!

Or Upside Down.

Carl Leone
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boy would that be a blessing...


Not a Suh for $19 Million Fan?


Suh Florida Baby! PhinzUp


If things run a normal course (?) they will try and lower his first years cost...less then $10 min...fans will go nuts because the team is so smart....Next year the cap hit will be closer to $25 min, add in Tanne getting $10 more min and you will have a $35 min hit next year before anything takes place....Oliver, Pouncey, Miller all need new deals...then you have the draft and no doubt other FA with big signing bonus to push cost to 2016....this makes the draft even more important as there will be a talent drain with Vets...the risk are high and I am not convinced the rewards out weigh them...but I am a minority in all this...


Play now, pay later. Throw it on your credit card. Go see Tony No Nose for some bread. Pay the vig.

If you're married, you'll understand.