Friday, March 20, 2015

Miami Dolphins Setting Up Roster For The Draft

After making big waves in the first week of Free Agency, the Miami Dolphins' front office has spent this week filling some holes in the depth chart and setting up for the draft.

By signing J.D. Walton and re-signing Matt Moore, Louis Delmas and LaMichael James, the Dolphins added depth at the interior line, quarterback, safety and running back without breaking the bank.

A bank that was running low on funds and truly couldn't afford another big contract.

We could probably spare a few million for WR Michael Crabtree if he is willing to sign for that amount.  That would add a veteran receiver to a young group of up and coming talent.

J.D. Walton, last years NY Giants starter, can back up Mike Pouncey at center. 

Or if the guard play doesn't pan out, Pouncey can go back to guard and Walton can start at center or maybe even visa versa.

The real benefit with this week's activity is that it frees up the Dolphins to not have to pigeon hole themselves into having to use that first round pick on any given position.

They can make some good choices now with that first round pick.

A First Rounder needs to be able to step into a starting role.

With Suh signed, we don't need to have to draft a DT.

With Stills signed, we don't need to have to draft a WR.

With the recently signed, we don't need to have to draft any one position now.

Granted we could use some LB help and some CB help.

At pick 14, the value for a LB may not warrant using that pick for who will be available such as Benardrick McKinney or even Vic Beasley, whose stock has plummeted recently.

The depth at CB in this draft is pretty darn good. So unless Trae Waynes is sitting there, I don't believe we have to pull that trigger at 14.

Now if WR Amari Cooper is still available at 14, we have to grab him.

Because like Waynes, Cooper can start immediately.

I believe the Dolphins are in a very good position now to draft the Best Available Player at 14.

Or better yet, trade back and not only get a 3rd Round Pick back, one we gave up for Stills, but also  get a quality player who can help us immediately.

I was thinking a bit about whether Brandon Albert will be healthy enough to start at LT in September.  I believe OT Andreas Peat will be available at 14.

But do we really want to use our First round Pick on an insurance policy.  I don't think so.

I think our Brain Trust, who has recently proven themselves worthy of the name Brain Trust, to make a move on Day 1 of this years draft. 

And they can thank this week for making that possible.

Phins Up!!!

Carl Leone
Dolfan since 12/25/1971

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Trade down in the first round and pick up the third round pick we're missing. Then take Landon Collins (keeping Delmas' injury history in mind), an impact ILB like McKinney or Kendricks, or stretching the imagination a little further take Gurley. I know he has the injury issue, but so did Frank Gore and Willis McGahee when they came in the league.


Chewee2k, I believe you are on target with Landon Collins. He could be had in the late teens.
I think McKinney could fall to the 2nd round. Gurley may also because no one may want to risk their #1.
The risk at ILB is there isn't much quality depth in this year's draft class.
Thanks for commenting.


This offseason has Tannenbaum written all over it. Compared to Philbin it seems like an upgrade.


Yes aquaaiea, I am sure Tannenbaum has had an influence if he has not been the facilitator of many of our moves.

I can't imagine Hickey wasn't involved so he deserves some accolades if not most of them. Hickey did an outstanding job with last year's draft.

I like the two headed monster of Tannenbaum-Hickey. They can play good cop-bad cop with contracts. Or one or the other can step in to nurture or smooth out a relationship. They can also team up to reinforce a policy.

The only question I have is do we call this "Being" Tannenkey or Hickenbaum? I like the later.


There are two things (read: concerns) lurking in the back of my mind. 1) I can't recall why Tannenbaum was fired in New York (and will it be a problem for us) and 2) has he usurped power/decision-making ability from Hickey, who IMHO seems to have a good eye for talent and has done a really good job so far.


I think you nailed it Carl! Miami has themselves well positioned for the draft. The best scenario for the Dolphins without be to trade back and try to a 3rd back. Will be interesting to see Hickenbaum work the War Room this year



its profootball talk read it understanding that they huge Patriots fans.


I believe Landon Collins is a SS, Miami already has a good one...Miami needs a FS these 2 spots are not interchangeable, they are different roles.....Miami plays in a 3 WR SET much of the time, another WR is not a want, it is a need....Because the Miami Offenses main staple is short to Intermediate passing a power back is a must to help Tanne....IMO if Crabtree is signed, Miami will go for a home run in the first round with a RB....If Crabtree is NOT signed then WR is the #1 need...


chewee2k, I live in NJ and in December 2013 the Jet fans were going nuts on the WFAN talk shows calling for both Tannenbaum and Ryan to get fired as they were in the midst of their swoon from contention. Someone had to go and the owner, Woody Johnson, still liked Ryan enough to keep him around for one more year.
However, I was always somewhat apprehensive of the money he spent on free agents and he spent a whopper on Suh too. But time will tell.

gasnotoil, Yes a safety is needed and FS can be had in the 2nd/3rd rounds as there aren't any top flight FS in this draft and very few if at all.

My boy gofins4sb, YOU'RE ALIVE!!! Thank God for that. More importantly, without giving away my secret formula how are we looking on those mats??


RANDOM THOUGHTS...the Suh signing has changed how next year will unfold....because Suh will take up $26 min NEXT year and Tannehill will Take $15 min the draft has become even more important THIS year. spending $41 min on two players has the ability to get you focused...

Miller and Vernon will need to be signed at some point because they are on their last year of their Rookie contracts. Pouncey is also on his last year and it is hard for me to see Miami being able to keep all three next year. This make the younger players this year even more important.

If Crabtree is signed to anything MORE than 1 year contract, Pouncey is the player that would be hardest to fit under the 2016 cap....To me, his replacement must be drafted...If Crabtree signs only a one year deal, a WR must be drafted to replace him...the lack of future cash has a way of focusing your draft...

IF, management is queasy about paying Miller $2m plus per year, his replacement must be drafted also...Vernon may command north of $4m a year...As I run different ways Miami can work it contracts the most common amount they will have for next year is a range of $8m to $14 min...and that depends on how much cash carry over there is...(you must take $6m out of that for draft)

This tells me Miami MUST go on a youth movement, no $$Million plus players signed to just boost special teams, No more big named FA in 2016,...the focus in 2016 will be mid level FA and draft....

For this current coaching staff, they need to hit on this years draft to ease the 2016 cap and 2016 draft needs. The question I have now is, do you try and keep both Pouncey and Vernon for 2015 and lose one of them next year, or do trade one in 2015 for a draft pick and extend the other now...

should be fun



The draft is ultra important and we are in the same position as plenty of other teams who have some super star contracts in place currently or will have to set them up shortly.

I think a lot of these players are going to come to the conclusion that there are only so many super star contracts available. And as such, there will always only be so much money available. Most of the teams are carrying a lot of younger or cheaper vets because of this.

We aren't going to be unique but our success will clearly be on whether the top $ can stay healthy and perform and whether the low $ can perform when and where needed.