Sunday, March 08, 2015

"Dolfans Aren't Booing, They're Suh-ing!"

I can hear the TV announcers now.

We now have the equivalent of Green Bay's Kuhn.

The noise level at SunLife Stadium just went up quite a few decibels.

Hell, just rename it "SuhLife" Stadium.

And the fans won't be the only ones "Suh-ing".

The D Line just got better as they now know they are one on one with an O Lineman.

I can hear them: "Suh!"

The Linebackers just got better at avoiding some blockers.

I can hear them: "Suh!"

The Secondary just got better by not having to cover their assignments for as long.

I can hear them: "Suh!"

Kevin Coyle just got better dialing up blitzes by not having to.

I can hear him: "Suh!"

The fans are gonna love it: "Suuuhhh!!"

The offense is gonna love having more opportunities and with better field position.

I can hear them too: "Suh!"

The whole damn City of Miami will be a "Suh-Fest!"

We just need the ink to dry.

Gonna be a stressful two days waiting for that.

Somebody leaked it and hopefully nobody tweaks it.

Nobody swoops in at $120,000,000. Or $135,000,000 to offset the taxes.

Tuesday will be "Suh-day!"

Can you say it?

Can you shout it?


Phins Up!!!

Carl Leone
Dolfan since 12/25/1971
Suhfan since 3/8/2015
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Haha Jim and Jason!

Good for you guys.


i think you meant kevin coyle..not dennis..dont give him the benefit of having a D in his crowd may be BOOing instead of Suhhhing @quesy joe if he doesnt take his his tail out between his legs make better decisions & grow a pair..not to mention motivate & lead.


Haha on me, T Bone. Didn't notice auto spell. Posted this off my phone.

Wiil edit now.

So now we are back on Philbin. Let's wait til Wednesday.


@Tbone You are just suh sad while Dolphin nation is suhhh happy.


Haha Farley!

Anonymous DeleteReply

If the Dolphins don't fix the LB and DB situation, it will be Booing.

Suh is a lot of money - perhaps well spent - but he isn't going to fix why this team fell short.


I'm excited, if he gets hurt or put on probation then that's a lot of cap space riding the pine.


I trust Hickey has a plan, linearz.


Look at it this way mattbatt, his last contract cost him $70,000 per game to be suspended. Now its close to $1 Million.

Hopefully, no one on the roster gets hurt.