Sunday, March 08, 2015

"Dolfans Aren't Booing, They're Suh-ing!"

I can hear the TV announcers now.

We now have the equivalent of Green Bay's Kuhn.

The noise level at SunLife Stadium just went up quite a few decibels.

Hell, just rename it "SuhLife" Stadium.

And the fans won't be the only ones "Suh-ing".

The D Line just got better as they now know they are one on one with an O Lineman.

I can hear them: "Suh!"

The Linebackers just got better at avoiding some blockers.

I can hear them: "Suh!"

The Secondary just got better by not having to cover their assignments for as long.

I can hear them: "Suh!"

Kevin Coyle just got better dialing up blitzes by not having to.

I can hear him: "Suh!"

The fans are gonna love it: "Suuuhhh!!"

The offense is gonna love having more opportunities and with better field position.

I can hear them too: "Suh!"

The whole damn City of Miami will be a "Suh-Fest!"

We just need the ink to dry.

Gonna be a stressful two days waiting for that.

Somebody leaked it and hopefully nobody tweaks it.

Nobody swoops in at $120,000,000. Or $135,000,000 to offset the taxes.

Tuesday will be "Suh-day!"

Can you say it?

Can you shout it?


Phins Up!!!

Carl Leone
Dolfan since 12/25/1971
Suhfan since 3/8/2015
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Haha Jim and Jason!

Good for you guys.


i think you meant kevin coyle..not dennis..dont give him the benefit of having a D in his crowd may be BOOing instead of Suhhhing @quesy joe if he doesnt take his his tail out between his legs make better decisions & grow a pair..not to mention motivate & lead.


Haha on me, T Bone. Didn't notice auto spell. Posted this off my phone.

Wiil edit now.

So now we are back on Philbin. Let's wait til Wednesday.


@Tbone You are just suh sad while Dolphin nation is suhhh happy.


Haha Farley!


If the Dolphins don't fix the LB and DB situation, it will be Booing.

Suh is a lot of money - perhaps well spent - but he isn't going to fix why this team fell short.


I'm excited, if he gets hurt or put on probation then that's a lot of cap space riding the pine.


I trust Hickey has a plan, linearz.


Look at it this way mattbatt, his last contract cost him $70,000 per game to be suspended. Now its close to $1 Million.

Hopefully, no one on the roster gets hurt.